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“A priceless cache of ancient Greek and Roman coins that had become a kind of buried treasure has been “rediscovered” at the University at Buffalo, which had paid little attention to the coins since they were donated in 1935. The collection of 55 gold and silver coins date as far back as the fifth century B.C. Among them are a dozen gold coins from Rome – one each from the eras of Julius Caesar and the 11 emperors who followed him.” (via The Associated Press)

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10 ‘little libraries’ to open new chapter in Parkside

“Left without a library, the Parkside neighborhood has taken matters into its own hands. In a few months, 10 wooden stands will be placed in front of homes and businesses. The “little libraries” will be filled with books that passers-by can take and return as they please. No library cards, registration or fees required. “We’re trying to create that third space, not home, not work, where neighbors congregate and interact,” said Ben Johnson, executive director of the Parkside Community Association.”

via The Buffalo News

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Libraries aim to turn a new page

Charity Vogel – “Ah yes, the libraries of Erie County. Like aging beauty queens, they trudge forward, bedraggled and vulnerable, years of glory behind them — and badly in need of reinvention.”

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