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San Francisco’s library spending higher than average, report finds

“When it comes to spending money on libraries, San Francisco is leaving other cities in the dust. A new report from the city controller’s office shows that the library’s operating expenditures per capita are $100.17, or twice the average spending of libraries in other big cities like Los Angeles, Boston and Seattle. San Francisco also holds a  lead over other cities in staff members per borrower and circulation per borrower. “We spend a tremendous amount on our collections, both in the physical collections and in our e-books,” said Library spokeswoman Michelle Jeffers, who said the book allocation for next year is $10 million out of a $100 million budget. “It shows we have a robust amount of materials for our citizens in San Francisco.” (via City Insider)

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Stephen King’s Scary Library Needs $9 Million Repair: Muni Deals

“Readers of Stephen King’s novel “It” know the Bangor Public Library as a hiding spot for the title character, a deranged clown on a murderous rampage. In real life, the library is falling apart. Voters in the Maine riverfront town of 33,000 will decide tomorrow whether to back a $3 million tax-exempt bond issue to help repair the library’s 101-year-old copper roof. A “yes” vote would help unlock a matching gift from Bangor’s most famous couple, Stephen and Tabitha King.” (via Businessweek)

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Dozens of cash-strapped Brooklyn Public Library branches are in disrepair

“The coffers are so drained at the Brooklyn Public Library that eight branches with busted air conditioners were forced to shut down on one scorching day earlier this month. Three of those branches double as city-designated cooling centers, where seniors and others are instructed to chill out during the summer’s most unbearable stretches. They are part of a growing list of 60 libraries in the system — including the central branch — that require a total of $300 million in repairs for crumbling roofs, broken boilers and aging computers and furniture.” (via NY Daily News)

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ARL Releases RLI 282 on Library Budgets, Journal Bundles, Reference Staffing

“ARL has published Research Library Issues (RLI) no. 282, which features articles on ARL library budgets over the past two years, subscriptions to journal collections from large publishers, and the impact of the changing roles of librarians on reference staffing. A pre-publication version of the article about journal bundles was released earlier this year.” (via ARL)

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Queens Library could face closures under suggested city budget cuts

“Mayor Michael Bloomberg proposed deep cuts to city libraries in his 2014 budget that some worry could close Queens Library facilities, force layoffs and slash the number of hours facilities would be open a week. City Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer (D-Sunnyside), chairman of the Council’s Cultural Affairs and Libraries Committee, blasted the proposed cuts. “Our libraries cannot sustain cuts of these proposed levels at a time when they are experiencing some of the highest number of visitors in history and providing much-needed resources to the public,” he said.” (via TimesLedger)

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Albor Ruiz: New York City’s public libraries need their patrons to stand up against mayoral budget cuts

“New York writer and journalist Pete Hamill once said, “For those without money, the road to that treasure house of the imagination begins at the public library.” Blocking that road would be nothing short of tragic, but Mayor Bloomberg, who does not belong to the category of “those without money,” doesn’t seem to care.” (via NY Daily News)

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Budget Cuts Hobble Library of Congress

“The Sea Creatures, who recently sent their recording “Naked in the Rain” to the Library of Congress, probably did not ponder the impact of sequestration on their music’s journey from dream to copyright. Just as military contractors, air traffic controllers and federal workers are coping with the grim results of a partisan impasse over the federal deficit, the Library of Congress, whose services range from copyrighting written works — whether famous novels or poems scribbled on napkins — to the collection, preservation and digitalization of millions of books, photographs, maps and other materials, faces deep cuts that threaten its historic mission.” (via NYTimes.com)

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With shift toward digital, GPO producing more content at 2008 costs

“A shift in focus from traditional printing to digital content management has produced a leaner Government Printing Office, with a growing number of digital products and delivery systems, according to the agency’s annual report for fiscal 2012. Overall overhead costs for 2012 were at 2008 levels and the GPO appropriation request for fiscal 2013 was held to 2012 levels, at $126.2 million. Employee-buyouts last year reduced staff by 11 percent to the “leanest staffing level in more than a century,” with a savings of $24 million. At the same time, the amount of information being made available is growing, with more than 800,000 files available online through the Federal Digital System (FDsys) and 150 government titles available through major electronic book distributors.” (via GCN)

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Saving Schools and Libraries by Giving Up the Land They Sit On

“The Brooklyn Heights library is neither the oldest nor the most dilapidated branch of the Brooklyn Public Library system. But the 52-year-old limestone building is nonetheless ripe for demolition. It sits on land that developers crave, in a fashionable neighborhood where housing is in high demand. And so the library system, desperate for money to pay for $230 million in long-deferred repairs for its 60 branches, has embraced a novel financing model that is increasingly being used around New York City as a way to pay for government services.” (via NYTimes.com)

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Official says Massachusetts libraries seeing little in new state support

“While libraries in Massachusetts are grappling with different demands from users and new technologies such as electronic books, state funding for the libraries is at the same level it was in 1994, Board of Library Commissioners Director Robert Maier told lawmakers Thursday. “The funding is way down,” Maier told the House and Senate Ways and Means committees gathered who held a budget hearing in the library of Everett High School.”

via Holbrook Sun

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