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Library Workers Protest Possible Miami-Dade Layoffs

“Nearly a dozen Miami-Dade library workers protested looming layoffs Sunday. They gathered in front of the Kendall library with signs calling attention to proposed budget cuts. The cuts could leave nearly 200 library workers out of a job and four libraries closed.” (via CBS Miami)

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USF students protest library hours cutback with overnight ‘sit-out’

Library hours cut as university spending shrinks

“While more than 1,000 students have signed online petitions and liked Facebook pages, calling for the restoration of the USF Tampa Library hours to its 24/5 schedule, different departments across the university are discussing who should pay for the additional funds it takes to keep the Library open in a time of financial shrinking. The Library’s reduced hours, now open from 7:30 a.m. until midnight on Mondays through Thursdays and until 6 p.m. on Fridays, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturdays and from noon to midnight on Sundays, are part of the financial belt-tightening students will begin to feel as the university embarks on its plans to become more financially sound.” (via University of South Florida)

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Miami-Dade County will no longer close any public libraries

“Nearly six weeks after cautioning it could shutter 22 public libraries, Miami-Dade County has found a way to keep all 49 facilities open at least some of the time, offering stripped-down services. In all, 169 library workers — more than a third of the department’s 461 employees — would lose their jobs by Oct. 1, and libraries would begin to operate about three-quarters of the hours they do now, Mayor Carlos Gimenez informed county commissioners late Friday.” (via Miami Herald)

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Shrinking the Library System Is A Loss for New Yorkers

“The usage of New York City’s libraries is way up: 40 percent programmatically, nearly 60 percent in terms of circulation. The public demand for physical books is up too. More people visited public libraries in New York than every major sports team and every major cultural institution combined. Why then are we selling city libraries and shrinking the library system? Why are libraries being underfunded, when we know the they cost a fraction of the city’s budget to fund them.”via Huffington Post)

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Miami-Dade reduces number of libraries on chopping block to four

“Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez, who last month warned that 22 of the county’s 49 public libraries could be shut down this fall due to deep budget cuts, announced Thursday that his administration now expects to shutter only four. The dramatic reduction, while welcome news to library supporters who have campaigned to keep the facilities open, still comes with plenty of pain. Libraries across the board will likely shorten their hours and be staffed by fewer librarians.” (via MiamiHerald.com)

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Fairfax County Libraries Prepare for Pilot Cuts, But Employees Say Budget Already ‘Bare Bones’

“Fairfax County Public Library employees and supporters are trying to fight proposed changes to the staffing structures at libraries that would essentially combine circulation and information jobs into one position — a move that would lower costs in tight budget times but also possibly hurt the services the libraries provide for county residents, they say. The big change in the new model would reduce the number of employees needed to run the county’s libraries.” (via Mount Vernon, VA Patch)

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Miami-Dade’s Main Library downsizing its space as part of budget cuts

“As part of its budget belt-tightening, Miami-Dade County will downsize the space used by the Main Library’s back offices, shrinking the facility’s footprint to save money on rent. The library system’s downtown Miami headquarters would be reduced in size by half, keeping the two floors currently open to the public and eliminating a third floor and a basement used for administration and storage. Mayor Carlos Gimenez’s office expects the change to have little effect on library users. But the planned move has stirred controversy among library supporters who fear historical documents and special collections long held at the county’s largest library may be lost in the shuffle.” (via Miami Herald)

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Tiny New York City library hurts for space as flagship gets $300 million makeover

“The Macomb’s Bridge Library in New York has just 10 laptop computers. The 61 shelves are crammed with books. The librarian’s office is smaller than most bathrooms. If the four-member staff wants to put on a puppet show or hold a special screening, their options are stacking tables they have up against a wall to clear some space, or taking the event outside.” (via NY Daily News)

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Two more Miami-Dade libraries could be spared from closure

“Two more Miami-Dade public libraries could be spared the ax, according to an updated plan of proposed county budget cuts. The North Shore and Virrick Park branches, in Miami Beach and Coconut Grove, respectively, would remain open under the latest version of the plan, which administrators have been tweaking over the past few weeks to bring down the number of libraries slated for closure beginning Oct. 1.” (via MiamiHerald.com)

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