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Two [Philadelphia] shuttered school libraries to reopen

“Two school libraries, shuttered last month due to budget cuts, will reopen Tuesday after a donation from an anonymous donor. As The Inquirer reported last month, Central High and Masterman, two of the city’s most prestigious schools, closed their libraries because the district did not fund librarians. Principals of the two schools, magnets that take in top students from across the city, lamented the closures, and said the budget cuts had taken aim at the very heart of their institutions.” (via Philadelphia Inquirer)

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Library issue may divide Columbia, rural voters

“If Columbia voters are motivated to cast ballots Nov. 5 in a three-man race for mayor, that could help advocates of a proposed tax increase for libraries, some observers say. City voters are likely to be more receptive to raising taxes for libraries – while county voters, with nothing else on the ballot to interest them, may choose to stay home on Election Day, political consultant Tige Watts said Sunday.” (via The State)

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Libraries seek decades of funding amid digital upheaval

“In Silicon Valley where readers are more apt to download an e-book than pick a paperback off the shelf, voters still overwhelmingly agreed to fund public libraries for another two decades even as some question the centuries-old institution’s future in the digital age. On the heels of the Santa Clara County public library system’s successful parcel tax renewal, San Jose leaders are now preparing to ask voters to renew theirs as well, anywhere from 10 to 20 years. Libraries remain popular here. Mayor Chuck Reed once remarked with amazement that voters insisted libraries stay open even as budget cuts threatened reductions in the police force.” (via San Jose Mercury News)

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Libraries: are they better with wine? Or much, much worse?

“There is a lot of chatter about new forms and uses for libraries in and out of Library Land these days. The strange part about it is that it’s often framed in abstract, lofty terms: “reinvisioning,” “reimagining” and other appalling “re-” formations. But behind it is the terrifying, entirely non-abstract Lack Of Money, as government budgets for libraries have gotten tighter and tighter.  England has had it especially bad, and there’s no improvement in sight…” (via MobyLives)

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What libraries do for us – and me

“‘A city without a library is like a graveyard.” Those were the words that Malala Yousafzai, the inspirational Pakistani women’s rights activist, used to open Birmingham’s new £189m library this month. A poignant statement, considering the continuing tide of public library closures announced recently. To paraphrase a famous scene from Monty Python’s Life of Brian, what do libraries do for us? Well, they introduce many into the world of literacy and learning and help to make it a lifelong habit; they equalise; they teach empathy and help us to learn about each other; they preserve our cultural heritage; they protect our right to know and to learn; they build communities; they strengthen and advance us as a nation; they empower us as individuals.” (via The Guardian)

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Jacksonville main library may have to close on Saturdays due to budget cuts

“Jacksonville’s Main Library will close on Saturdays beginning in October unless the City Council restores funding in the pending 2013-14 budget. The library Board of Trustees in a unanimous vote Thursday approved the closure, calling it a difficult decision between less-than desirable options. “We don’t want to see access to any library reduced,” board Chairwoman Brenda Simmons-Hutchins said after the meeting. “The board’s decision today was our response to the difficult situation we are facing in losing eight hours of operations at the Main Library.” (via Florida Times Union)

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Libraries, parks funding restored in new city budget

“The City Council on Thursday adopted a $2.3 billion budget that keeps libraries functioning seven days a week and restores parks funding through a $1 increase to the city’s monthly environmental fee. Council members largely praised City Manager Sheryl Sculley and her budget staff for deft handling of the budget during tight fiscal times. Not everyone was pleased with the final spending plan. Council members Elisa Chan and Carlton Soules voted against almost everything in the budget, saying the believed that the council was acting irresponsibly and living beyond its means.” (via San Antonio Express-News)

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One-year reprieve for Miami-Dade libraries means cuts may still loom

“Miami-Dade commissioners unexpectedly granted libraries a one-year reprieve Wednesday, though painful cutbacks will loom over the system unless the county comes up with a long-term plan for to fund it. By raiding one-time reserves to avoid scaling back library hours and laying off 169 workers, the commission put off making a difficult choice between cutting services or raising the property-tax rate, saying it hopes to find a middle path over the next few months.” (via Miami Herald)

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Library Workers Protest Possible Miami-Dade Layoffs

“Nearly a dozen Miami-Dade library workers protested looming layoffs Sunday. They gathered in front of the Kendall library with signs calling attention to proposed budget cuts. The cuts could leave nearly 200 library workers out of a job and four libraries closed.” (via CBS Miami)

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USF students protest library hours cutback with overnight ‘sit-out’

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