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Mayor restores additional cut to Hartford libraries

“The Hartford Public Library won’t face $393,000 in additional budget cuts in the coming fiscal year after Mayor Luke Bronin used a line-item veto restore funding.Bronin announced his veto Friday, following the city council reducing his originally proposed budget by approximately $5 million, including the cuts to the library, which already faces a $354,000 cut under Bronin’s budget.” (via HartfordBusiness.com)

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Rural libraries will lose their Internet if the Legislature’s budget cuts hold

“A state subsidy that supports fast Internet in rural Alaska public libraries has been zeroed out by both the Alaska House and Senate as legislators struggle to address a budget gap approaching $4 billion. Librarians are organizing to save the Online With Libraries, or OWL, program, which they say has dramatically changed who comes to libraries and how libraries are used.” (via Alaska Dispatch News)

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NW libraries coping with tightened budgets

“Northwest Arkansas’ public libraries largely survived last year’s $1 million cut in state money with minimal hardship, but library directors said others across the state have been more deeply harmed.The decrease can’t continue another year without bigger consequences, they added.Gov. Asa Hutchinson’s proposed $5.3 billion state budget for the coming fiscal year holds library aid at $4.6 million. The money was cut to that level during the 2015 General Assembly, down from about $5.7 million during the 2014-15 fiscal year.” (via NWADG)

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NYC libraries take $10M hit in de Blasio 2016 budget

“Libraries took a $10 million hit in the city’s 2016 budget. The three systems received $323 million — including $5 million from the City Council — in operating funds in 2015, and this year were only promised around $313 million. “The mayor’s proposed operating budget is a setback for libraries,” said Tony Marx, of the New York Public Library. The New York, Brooklyn and Queens public libraries also didn’t get the combined $1.4 billion in capital funds they’d requested for the next 10 years.” (via NY Daily News)

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Declines in state aid to Kansas libraries has forced budgeting changes

“State aid to Kansas libraries dropped 23 percent in the past fiscal year, according to a new report — part of a years-long decline that has caused the Topeka and Shawnee County Library to change the way it budgets. The Kansas Center for Economic Growth said Tuesday state funds to libraries fell approximately 23 percent between fiscal year 2013 and fiscal year 2014 when dollar amounts were adjusted for inflation.” (via CJOnline.com)

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Coleman vetoes council effort to expand [St. Paul] library hours

“St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman on Monday vetoed the City Council’s move to extend evening hours at seven branch libraries, saying that the funding source the council would tap isn’t “steady and permanent” enough to support more hours in the long run.“While I understand the appeal of adding even more hours to libraries, this goal must be achieved while maintaining a bedrock principle of my administration — structural balance,” Coleman wrote in his veto letter to the council.” (via Star Tribune)

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New Orleans libraries face closure from shrinking budgets, website reports

“New Orleans libraries face the risk of closing several branches without more funding from City Hall or an increase in taxes, the website The Lens reports. Library Executive Director Charles Brown told the City Council Monday that the $3 million in reserve revenue that the system uses to patch up its $12 million budget every year will run out in 2016.” (via NOLA.com)

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Library faces budget constraints

“Libraries do their best to adapt to changing times, but the times are not always kind to them. The library system at Yale, along with other Ivy League universities, has focused increasingly on digital media and collaboration in recent years. Recent innovations include Borrow Direct Plus — a service that allows students to borrow books from other university libraries on-site — and a new search system for the library catalogue website. But despite its best efforts to expand and innovate, the library has been affected by significant funding cuts Yale’s collection spending budget, for instance, was cut significantly between 2009 and 2010 in light of the economic downturn. While data from 2013 shows that spending has neared pre-recession levels, the library is still grappling with the inflation of collections media — the rate at which the price of materials is continuously increasing.” (via Yale Daily News)

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Oakland libraries imperiled by budget cuts

“Next summer Oakland could lose as many as six to eight of its libraries, though it’s too soon to tell which branches might end up on the chopping block. Funded partly by the city’s general fund and partly by Measure Q—a parcel tax issued in 2004 to expand library services and add a sixth day of service at all library branches—the Oakland Public Library could face a $2.5-3.5 million deficit in July 2015, nearly a 10% drop in its total budget. “Cities that have low-funded libraries are generally on the losing end,” Director of Library Services Gerry Garzón said in a recent interview. Garzón, who served as interim director before his appointment last year, inherited the library crisis from former library director Carmen Martinez in 2012. “We provide services for the entire gamut of our residents, starting from our young patrons all the way to our seniors,” Garzón said.” (via sfgate.com)

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Mayor Stothert has her own read on running city libraries

“When Mayor Jean Stothert took office, she vowed to grab hold of the city’s budget and cut down on unnecessary spending. Now the Omaha Public Library system has drawn the mayor’s scrutiny. When deciding on the city budget for 2015, the mayor and library supporters sparred over Stothert’s proposal. Eventually the City Council sided with the libraries and increased materials spending.” (via Omaha.com)

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