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Libraries in Brooklyn Add Hours and Staff

“Even on a Friday morning, the Macon branch of the Brooklyn Public Library in Bedford-Stuyvesant was buzzing: Every computer was being used, laptops had been lent out, patrons were asking for résumé advice and more than a few people were reading actual books. To accommodate that busyness, which borough librarians say is common to all 60 branches, the borough’s library system will be adding more hours, librarians and other staff members starting Oct. 4, a result of an additional $2.8 million for 2015 from the City Council and Mayor Bill de Blasio’s office.” (via NYTimes.com)

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Nets Comic Books Are Latest Newcomers to the N.B.A. Library

“From Walt Whitman to Jonathan Lethem, Brooklyn has served as a muse to a string of celebrated writers. The Nets, although new to the borough, have also inspired writing, in a less highbrow genre than poetry or the novel: comic books. It started with the Nets’ new mascot, BrooklyKnight, who was lowered from the ceiling of Barclays Center before the team’s season-opening win over the Toronto Raptors. Applauded by some, derided by others, the black-and-chrome BrooklyKnight superhero is far more intimidating than the team’s former mascot, Sly Fox, and the Nets made it clear that he was not to be trifled with.”

via NY Times

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Brooklyn artists building mini library

NY Daily News – “Brooklyn’s newest – and smallest – library is currently under construction by two borough artists. Partners Julia Marchesi and Leon Reid IV are working on a book branch that’s just 6-feet high and modeled after a Brooklyn brownstone. Called the “The Hundred Story House,” Marchesi and Reid’s work is a celebration of the borough’s literary-savvy culture. The pair want to site the structure in Cobble Hill Park this spring where its 100 books will be available on a take-a-book, leave-a-book honor system.”

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Kickstarter Project Envisions A Mini-Brownstone Library In Cobble Hill Park

Village Voice – “About a year ago Julia Marchesi, a 32-year-old documentary film producer, saw a picture in the New York Times of sculpture in Berlin made up of a carved out tree trunk filled with bookshelves. “I just thought it was a really cool idea,” she said. “A little library.” That image helped to serve as the inspiration for a project Marchesi is now raising money for on Kickstarter. Noticing a Brooklyn trend of leaving books on stoops, Marchesi, who lives in Cobble Hill, enlisted the help of Brooklyn-based public artist Leon Reid IV to design an “honor system lending library” in Cobble Hill Park. Called “The Hundred Story House,” the library, if built, will look like a down-sized brownstone.”

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Evan Hughes on Literary Brooklyn

BN – “”There is no ‘Brooklyn School’ of literature and there never has been,” writes Evan Hughes in his deeply researched and appealingly conversational new book Literary Brooklyn: The Writers of Brooklyn and the Story of American City Life. But there’s no denying the longstanding connection between this New York borough and the poets, novelists, and essayists who have chronicled its life, from the loading docks of its once-bustling commercial waterfront, to conversations in brownstone parlors and on tenement rooftops.”

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