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Brooklyn’s Bookish Ambition

The New York Observer – “Absent a famous last name, or a fancy job, or an award-winning book, or simply a boatload of cash, a New York Public Library board position is a long shot for even the most devoted bibliophile. But what about … Brooklyn?”

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Flexing Big Muscles for a Little Library

The Brooklyn Public Library wants to acquire a building by using eminent domain.

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Netflix Grows in Brooklyn?

Great news today:

"In what would be a first in the United States, the Brooklyn Public Library hopes to team up with Netflix to deliver DVDs and videos to anyone in the borough with a library card, The Post has learned.  The price would be unbeatable – free."

But, keep reading and you’ll see….

"Netflix spokesman Steve Swasey said he knew nothing about a possible partnership with the library and seemed surprised by the news."

Doh!  I hope that this deal doesn’t fall through and get the hopes up of the many library users in Brooklyn.  Fingers crossed.

UpdateMichael has more.

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