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 New Kensington library could be last branch built in Brooklyn

“It’s the library of the future — and it may be the last one built in Brooklyn. The sleek $15 million book emporium opened last week on 18th Ave. in Kensington with glass walls, iPads, self-checkout machines, and computers. The environmentally friendly library was designed with large open spaces the public can use for meetings and programs, a construction intended to cater to visitors who are now more likely to gather with friends to study or do research rather than sit alone reading. But the 18,500 square foot branch built on an empty lot is likely to be the last brand new one BPL ever opens as the system starts to head in a new direction.”

via NY Daily News

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Brooklyn Public Library head Linda Johnson seeking to sell some property to raise money for repairs

NY Daily News – “The new head of the Brooklyn Public Library is looking for a way to cash in on the library’s crumbling real estate. Linda Johnson, who was named president/CEO of the BPL in August after serving as interim director for a year, is pushing for a deal that would let library reap proceeds from selling property or development rights and use the money to make much-needed repairs. “There are certain pieces of real estate we have that are very valuable,” Johnson said. “I’m trying to figure out . . . how to take the valuable real estate and use it to take care of my other assets. And not to leave that neighborhood, but just to do some kind of interesting project with a developer.”

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Brooklyn Public Library art exhibit follows borrowers around borough

NY Daily News – “Follow the books – out of the Brooklyn Public Library and into borrowers’ homes. That’s what Brooklyn Heights artist Joey O’Loughlin did for her exhibit “Where do the books go?,” now at the main branch of the library at Grand Army Plaza. O’Loughlin scoured 15 borough library branches, seeking interesting people who have special relationships with their libraries.”

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Wily raccoon breaks into Brooklyn Public Library basement

NY Daily News – “A wily raccoon snuck into the basement of the Brooklyn Public Library’s central branch late last week, startling maintenance workers. “He was probably just wandering around looking for some books to check out,” joked Brooklyn Public Library spokeswoman Malika Granville, who suggested the critter read the kids book “Raccoon’s Last Race” by Joseph and James Bruchac.

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Brooklyn library closings shelved but many will go to five-day service

NY Daily News – “Most Brooklyn libraries will be open just five days a week under the new city budget – but none will have to close. The budget passed by the City Council on Tuesday cut the Brooklyn Public Library’s budget by $3.4 million – far less than the $20.6 million threatened by Mayor Bloomberg, but not enough to save six-day service at branches across the borough.”

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Philly native Linda Johnson coming to head Brooklyn’s library system

New York Daily News – “The Broolyn Public Library is turning the page – with a new library chief, the Daily News has learned. Philadelphia native Linda Johnson has been tapped to take over as the library’s interim executive director starting next week and will serve for one year.”

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Story changes for Brooklyn libraries … only five to seven set to close, down from 16

NY Daily News – “Read it and weep, Brooklyn. A “handful” of neighborhood libraries will likely be shuttered, with hours slashed at remaining borough branches, because of city budget cuts, the Daily News has learned. Between five and seven Brooklyn library branches are now on the chopping block – down from 16 that Brooklyn Public Library officials warned would be forced to close if the mayor’s proposed $77 million cutback were enacted.”

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Article on Outplacement Firm Backfires for Brooklyn Public Library

Library Journal – “For readers, a long Washington Post article published August 9 and headlined The Art of Letting Employees Go, was an intimate look at the work of the Five O’Clock Club (FOCC), an outplacement firm that charges clients “about $2,000 per fired employee in exchange for providing layoff victims with a year of career coaching.” The major focus of the article: Brooklyn Public Library (BPL), which laid off 13 staffers in response to a budget cut of about five percent. For BPL, whose anonymous laid-off staffers are identifiable to colleagues, it was an embarrassment, leading both the director of the FOCC and the director of BPL to apologize to the staff.”

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Brooklyn’s Bookish Ambition

The New York Observer – “Absent a famous last name, or a fancy job, or an award-winning book, or simply a boatload of cash, a New York Public Library board position is a long shot for even the most devoted bibliophile. But what about … Brooklyn?”

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Flexing Big Muscles for a Little Library

The Brooklyn Public Library wants to acquire a building by using eminent domain.

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