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BBC Radio 4’s Listening Project to capture the voices of the nation in conversation

British Library – “The Listening Project will invite people across the UK to share an intimate conversation. Some of these conversations will be broadcast by the BBC and curated and archived by the British Library building a unique picture of our lives today and preserving it for future generations. What people talk about is their choice. It could be a moment of joy, sadness or reflection. This project is about creating the space for people to have that conversation they always meant to have.”

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British Library puts 19th C newspapers online

AP – “The newspaper coverage was troubling: London’s huge international showcase was beset by planning problems, local opposition and labor woes – and the transport was a mess. It sounds like the 2012 Olympics, but this was the Great Exhibition of 1851 generating stories of late trains, unscrupulous landlords and dangerous overcrowding.”

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British Library offers e-classics app for iPad

BBC – “The British Library is making digital copies of more than 40,000 classic books available for the iPad. Texts appear in fully digitised form, complete with original page markings and drawings, as opposed to the plain formatting associated with other types of e-books. All of the works date from the 18th and 19th centuries and include novels, poetry and historical accounts. Users must pay a monthly subscription of £1.99 to access the full collection.”

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British Library launches “Europe’s oldest book” appeal

Reuters – “The British Library has launched an appeal to help it buy the oldest book in Europe, an “almost miraculous” survival from the Anglo Saxon period over 1,000 years ago. The small volume was buried with one of England’s most popular saints, Saint Cuthbert at a time when the country was being swept by continental invasions following the departure of the Romans, and despite its age is still in perfect condition with its original leather cover.”

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An App for Browsing the British Library

NYT – “Visitors to the British Library have a new tool to help guide them: a mobile app that highlights more than 100 works from its collections. Included are portions of the Codex Sinaiticus, a handwritten manuscript of the Christian Bible written in the middle of the fourth century; Galileo’s letters; Leonardo da Vinci’s notebooks; the original version of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,” and Jane Austen’s teenage writings.”

Power and propaganda of maps at British library

Retuers – “Rare cartographic gems mapping the world from 200 B.C. to the present go on display at the British Library in London. “Magnificent Maps: Power, Propaganda and Art,” showcases some of the finest wall-maps in the British Library’s 4.5 million-strong collection, in an exhibition which encourages visitors to question the nature and purpose of maps.”

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Data DNA key to preventing ‘Digital Memory Loss’

British Library – “16 of Europe’s top Libraries, Archives, Universities and Technology Institutions collaborate to map the ‘Digital Genome’ – preserving the electronic building blocks required to unlock our digital heritage. Over the last decade the digital age has seen an explosion in the rate of data creation.Estimates from 2009 suggest that over 100 GB of data has already been created for every single individual on the planet ranging from holiday snaps to health records – that’s over 1 trillion CDs worth of data, equivalent to 24 tons of books per person!”

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British Library digitizing 40 million newspapers

AP – “The British Library said Wednesday it was digitizing up to 40 million pages of newspapers, including fragile dailies dating back three and a half centuries. Once digitized, the British newspapers documenting local, regional and national life spanning to the 1700s will be fully searchable and accessible online, the national library said.”

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Digital afterlife for UK websites…

British Library – “British Library’s officially launches the UK Web Archive, offering access in perpetuity to thousands of UK websites for generations of researchers Unveiled yesterday evening by Minister for Culture and Tourism, the Rt Hon Margaret Hodge MBE MP, and Chief Executive of the British Library, Dame Lynne Brindley, this project demonstrates the importance and value of the nation’s digital memory.

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British Library to offer free ebook downloads

Times Online – “MORE than 65,000 19th-century works of fiction from the British Library’s collection are to be made available for free downloads by the public from this spring. Owners of the Amazon Kindle, an ebook reader device, will be able to view well known works by writers such as Charles Dickens, Jane Austen and Thomas Hardy, as well as works by thousands of less famous authors.”

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