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Britannica Film Library Turns 70

“This year marks the 70th anniversary of Britannica’s film production wing, which means that by this point our archive is quite the treasure trove. Some of these films are outdated, some are irrelevant, and some are cultural artifacts—kitschy products of their time. We have decided to start sharing the most entertaining ones here on the blog as “Britannica Classic Videos.” (via Britannica Blog)

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New Digital School Solution Exemplifies Britannica Today

“This week, Britannica Digital Learning is proud to introduce Britannica School, a new online service that we believe will have a major impact on schools in the United States and around the world. Britannica School provides a robust online solution for the knowledge and information needs of teachers and students at school and at home. It’s a product designed with the classroom in mind but with the understanding that the work of the classroom continues outside its walls—at home, on the school bus—anywhere homework is done, lessons prepared, and school projects completed. It’s designed for a wide range of purposes—lessons and lesson planning, homework assignments, class projects, research, and browsing—making it one of the most versatile digital assets for students and teachers today.

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Can Britannica Rule the Web?

WSJ – “Despite Wikipedia, more people pay to access the encyclopedia website annually than paid for the print edition in any year.”

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