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Boston Public Library – Meet the Collections of Distinction Curators

“Boston Public Library’s Collections of Distinction feature eighteen of the most outstanding, expansive, and renowned of the library’s holdings. Behind the collections are the curators who can expertly describe the significance of all the treasures found within. The curators recently answered questions about each of the collections, including their favorite sections, surprising finds, and which audiences they may appeal to.” (via BPL)

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Boston Public Library by the Numbers

Released today by BPL

Boston Public Library Launches Free Mobile Catalog for on-the-Go Cardholders

“Boston Public Library (BPL) recently launched its much-anticipated BPL mobile catalog, offering library users instant access to its online catalog through Android and iOS mobile devices, including a mobile web browser version that presents visitors with a display specifically designed to fit small screens. “We are thrilled to now offer a mobile catalog; it is a valuable resource and option that allows our collections to be easily accessible to our library users anytime, anywhere,” said Amy E. Ryan, President of the Boston Public Library.” (via Boston Public Library)

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The Word On The Street

Boston Globe – “In an era when libraries are suffering an identity crisis, it’s worth remembering that books once existed only as physical objects. The new pictorial history “Boston Public Library’’ (Arcadia) by the BPL’s Catherine J. Willis shows how much labor was once required to get books into the hands of readers. You’ll find pictures of conveyer belts and the large wooden Indicator Board that in 1867 told library patrons at a glance which novels were in and which had been checked out. Willis traces the succession of buildings that have housed the library as well as a number of reading rooms and delivery stations scattered throughout the city. And she takes note of the BPL’s role in pioneering the notion of branch libraries and a room reserved for children’s books.”

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Amid downturn, circulation surges at public library

Boston.com – “In his decade serving as the president of the City-Wide Friends of the Boston Public Library, David Vieira has seen the importance of libraries peak and slide along with the nation’s economy The recent economic downturn has seen the Boston Public Library take on unprecedented importance to residents looking for a cost-free and convenient way to access materials, with the library breaking records for both book borrowing and website visits in the last fiscal year.”

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Libraries losing state grants for lack of matching funds

The Boston Globe – “Communities find matching funds are casualties of recession economy.”

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City Council members: Don’t close branches

Universal Hub – “As one city councilor held out hope that savings from a possible concession by firefighters could save four branch libraries, BPL President Amy Ryan told the City Council she has little choice but to cut the branches – and jobs across the branches and at the Copley Square central library (roughly 75 workers – no managers).”

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Rankings to decide fate of libraries

Boston Globe – “The decision about which of Boston’s libraries to potentially close will be based on far more than just how many books and DVDs patrons borrow. Library administrators will rank the 26 neighborhood branches by foot traffic, computer use, and how many Web surfers use laptops to log on to Wi-Fi networks. They will count how many programs are offered at each location and tally the number of people who attend storytime and English classes.”

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On The BPL

Michele V. Cloonan – “IN A city of education giants, the Boston Public Library stands tall. It was the first publicly supported municipal library in the United States, the first large library open to the public, and the first public library to allow users to borrow books”

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BPL Looking Around

Adam Viser – “Boston Public Library trustees are planning to remove president Bernard A. Margolis, who has served for the last 10 years at the helm of the nation’s oldest public library.”

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