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When Santa Turned Green

From one of my favorite new blogs (I’m in Going Green mode at work and at home) – “When Santa Turned Green is the illustrated story of Santa Claus’s quest to turn all the world’s children “green”—after he discovers that his home, the North Pole, is melting.”

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Bookswim? Nah.

Seth Godin – “[W]hile a few passionate people may wish for handbags or jewelry or books or watches to be available this way, none of them are even close to matching the dynamic of Netflix.”

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More on BookSwim

Joe Wikert has an interview with George Burke, the man behind BookSwim (A Netflix type service for books):

JW: Approximately how many books will be available to choose from at launch?  Will they be from all areas (e.g., business, novels, etc.) or just certain categories?

GB: Most in-print leisure reading books (fiction and non-fiction) will be available to rent.  In fact, a few out of print titles too! Our catalog will be quite extensive, but extremely specialized books that maybe only 2 human beings might want, like Bavarian Architecture of the 1600s or Diabetic Vegan Cooking Recipes, are excluded from our catalog.  However, should enough people request a title, we’ll include it in the catalog because we have no clue what’s going to get rented – so we let the people decide for themselves.

JW: Have you determined what the monthly/annual membership fee will be?

GB: We’re going to have a 3-book plan starting at about $15/month that allows unlimited rentals that allows for 3 books in-hand, ranging all the way to an 11-book plan for the fanatical reading insomniacs (and families).  We also offer a Free Trial Account that allows timid, indecisive people to try out the BookSwim interface.

JW: Do you have any projections for the number of customers you expect to sign up in the first year or two?

GB: Without giving away our specific projection numbers, our first year of operations for our BETA release will have very low membership rates as we perfect the rental model and continue to cut down costs.  But we’ll explode in year 2 as we revolutionize the way America reads.

JW: Will there be any other perks for members?

GB: It stinks when readers have to return a library book that they’ve fallen in love with, so we’ve added the ability to purchase any rental at a discounted price.  Currently users can also hook up with readers of similar literary taste and get book ideas from each others’ rental queues.  In the future we also aim to provide users with a golden recommendation system, along with a way for members to discuss the books they’ve read.

Will readers use it?  Sure, why not?  3 books at a time for unlimited rentals sounds like more than enought for me.  Heck, I even get books delivered to my home, which is more than I can say about my local library.  Plus, the selection is better.  This is kind of like having an interlibrary loan service but cutting out the middle man.  Smart.  And scary for libraries.

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