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Are Public Libraries “Permanently F***ed?” Maybe Not

SF Weekly – “Jessa Crispin arrived at the 2012 Public Library Association Conference in Philadelphia in March with high expectations. And by high, we mean abysmal. “Secure in the knowledge that libraries are now permanently fucked,” wrote the editor-in-Chief of the popular “litblog” Bookslut. Surely librarians would crumble before her, the harsh fiscal realities having reduced the bibliognosts into heaps of despair, wailing about furloughs and nonexistent arts grants. But Crispin is not a librarian. Once a publishing outsider, she launched Bookslut in 2002 while working at a Planned Parenthood in Texas. She now enjoys insider status, and she contributes to likes of NPR, PBS, and the Washington Post on all things books. The conference falls within the realm of the “book world,” so Crispin, donning black garb, traveled all the way from Berlin in search of heavyhearted roundtable discussions and forsaken vendor booths.”

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The Bookslut Returns

Welcome back Jessa Crispin.

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Bookslut Turns 5

Happy Anniversary Jessa. Bookslut is one of the longest running feeds in my aggregator and is always a pleasure to read. Plus, she’s snarky. I love snarky bloggers. Beats reading the boring ones.

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