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The New York Public Library is Moving 1.5 Million Books to an Underground Lair

“This summer, several times a week, a 30-foot truck filled with rough wooden shelves of books has arrived early in the morning at the New York Public Library’s flagship research library. Each truckload contains thousands of books, which have been sitting for the past three years at a storage facility upstate.Now, 1.5 million books are migrating home, although not to the shelves they once occupied, in the library’s old stacks beneath the Rose Main Reading Room. From the loading dock, the shelves are moved through the maze below the library, until they are two levels below the ground, underneath Bryant Park, which stretches like a lawn before the Beaux-Arts building. There, the books loiter in the hallway, waiting to be ingested.” (via Atlas Obscura)

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In defense of book collecting

“As of this writing there are 1,790 books in my apartment, some couple hundred in my campus office, and an unknown number floating about on loan to various friends and students. This represents a decrease of probably 20 percent from the height of my mania. Over the past few years, I have embarked on culling operations, boxing up hundreds of books and carting them to used bookstores. Spilling off shelves, piled in tottering stacks on every flat surface and a few angular ones, the books are snowing me under. Please do not think I make a habit of counting my books. I just did it for this piece, it took forever, and I do not intend ever to count even one book again.” (via Chicago Tribune)

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“The Berlin State Library is returning 384 books, magazines and other publications dating back to the 18th century to a Freemason Lodge after determining they were stolen by the Nazis in the 1930s. Matthias Bohn, the head of the Johannis Lodge “Teutonia zur Weisheit” in Potsdam, said Thursday the books were important for the history of his organization, and contained “the stamps and traces of their previous owners.” (via Associated Press)


Reading into the millennial book-buying boom

“Nearly a decade after electronic readers revolutionized how people read books, paperbacks and hardcovers have become cool.”It is like a hipster movement to get back into reading,” said Trish Caudill, manager of Books-A-Million in Corbin, Kentucky. “It’s almost cult-like.”Caudill, 29, has seen a resurgence of young customers and more sales of physical books at her store. Her peers are drawn in by graphic novels, the “Hunger Games” and “Divergent” series, and memoirs and essays by YouTube stars Joey Graceffa, Connor Franta and Shane Dawson.” (via Reuters)

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Hollywood films drive Australian library book tastes

“Hollywood is driving library borrowing habits like never before – and Australian authors without film-book tie-ins are struggling to find a mass readership.With the film version starring Emily Blunt soon to be released, British writer Paula Hawkins’ novel of a vanished wife, The Girl on the Train, has topped the list of most borrowed library books in Australia and New Zealand for the past 12 months.Overseas crime thrillers from James Patterson, Patricia Cornwall, John Grisham and four from Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series also dominated the top 20 list of best borrowed books.” (via SMH)

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