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As colleges ditch books, the future of the campus library is changing

“On college campuses across the United States, libraries are getting makeovers. And for many, that means moving away from physical books – the mainstay of libraries for thousands of years – in favor of other functions that college administrators say better fit the needs of the 21st-century student.One of the latest examples of this trend is the University of California, Berkeley’s Moffitt Library, which was recently remodeled to include wide-open meeting spaces for studying, a “nap pod” that students can use to take a break from the stressful college day, and glass walls designed to be written on for group projects.” (via CSMonitor.com)

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File This Under Nostalgia: New Book Pays Tribute To The Library Card Catalog

“>If you do a Google search for “card catalog” it will likely return Pinterest-worthy images of antique furniture for sale — boxy, wooden cabinets with tiny drawers, great for storing knick-knacks, jewelry or art supplies.But before these cabinets held household objects, they held countless index cards — which, at the time, were the pathways to knowledge and information. A new book from the Library of Congress celebrates these catalogs as the analog ancestor of the search engine.” (via NPR)

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Most of Gaza’s Libraries Have Been Closed or Destroyed—and You Can Help a New One Get Off the Ground

“There are as many opinions about Israel and Palestine as there are minds and mouths (and fingers to type a tweet), but here is something everyone can agree on: People in Gaza need more books.  Mosab Abu Toha, a young Gazan with a degree in English literature who has never been able to explore the world due to Israel’s ban on travel, escapes through reading. Now he is trying to start an English-language library and book shop. (It will have books in Arabic as well—there is a great shortage of ? books in any language in Gaza, much fewer than one per person.” (via The Nation)

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The Lost Art of Library Card Catalogues

“The array of systems, from that of the Library of Alexandria to those of monastic libraries to the French Cataloguing Code of 1791 (which used playing cards to record titles) is chronicled in an opening essay of The Card Catalog: Books, Cards, and Literary Treasures, a book that was officially published today by The Library of Congress.” (via Hyperallergic.com)

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The ‘Rock Star’ Librarians Who Choose What Your Kids Read 

“Most kids don’t know who John Schumacher is. But their librarians do. “He’s a rock star in the library world,” said Kim Sigle, a librarian at Lake Anne Elementary School in Reston, Va., who recently hosted Mr. Schumacher for a reading event for roughly 500 students. She “won” the former grade-school librarian in a lottery after taking a picture of herself with a life-size cardboard cutout of him and posting the shot on Twitter, competing with dozens of other librarians who did the same.” (via WSJ)

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