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At A Pakistani Mobile Library, Kids Can Check Out Books, And Hope

“On a cold, rainy morning, a van pulls up outside a rural elementary school on the outskirts of Islamabad, Pakistan’s capital. The fluorescent green vehicle provides a flash of color on this otherwise gray day. There’s a picture of children reading books under a large apple tree, and the words “Reading is fun” are painted in English and Urdu, the national language in Pakistan. This is the weekly visit of the Bright Star Mobile Library. Volunteer Ameena Khan starts pulling books from shelves on either side of the van”.

via GBP

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Bookmobile drives home the love of reading

“The Santa Clara County Library wants to reach its patrons no matter where they live. And a new, smaller and upgraded bookmobile will help them do just that, library staff has said. “There is a long history of bookmobile service in this district,” said county librarian Nancy Howe. “The county library district covers a large geographical area, and we use the bookmobile to extend the reach of service to residents that either live far away from one of our eight locations or have limited mobility.”

via San Jose Mercury News

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In sign of the times, digital bookmobile to make stops in the state

“A high-tech update of the traditional bookmobile is rolling into town. The Digital Bookmobile National Tour is making five stops throughout Massachusetts this month, offering not books but interactive demonstrations for readers on how to download digital books from their public library, the bookmobile operator said in a statement. Visitors to the 18-wheel tractor-trailer will discover how their portable electronic devices are compatible with their local library’s download service. The 74-foot vehicle is equipped with Internet-connected PCs, high-definition monitors, premium sound systems, and a variety of media players.

via The Boston Globe.

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Donor Resurrects Endangered Bookmobile

NPR – “When a bookmobile broke down last winter in rural Vermont, patrons, especially preschoolers, really missed it. Then a donor, who heard an NPR story about the rolling library’s demise, came up with over $100,000 for a replacement. The town can’t believe its good fortune.”

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Digital Bookmobile To Set Pace for Indianapolis 500

Overdrive Blog. – “What has a 600-horsepower engine, an interior loaded with cutting-edge technology, and is sure to make crowds road in Indianapolis later this month? The Digital Bookmobile, of course!On May 24 and 25, while racecars are lapping the track in preparation for the Indianapolis 500, the Digital Bookmobile National Tour will be thrilling crowds at Indianapolis Public Library with “The Greatest Spectacle in Reading.” As so many of our library partners have seen firsthand over the past few years, the Digital Bookmobile is a 74-foot-long, 18-wheel tractor-trailer that tours the continent spreading awareness for digital libraries and eBooks.”

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The Final Chapter For A Trusty Bookmobile?

NPR- “Across America, libraries used to reach out to readers by sending bookmobiles into school parking lots, street corners and rural byways. Now, those rolling reading rooms are becoming scarce — too costly and outmoded, some say. One town in northern New England just lost their bookmobile. the Cobleigh Public Library in Lyndonville, Vt., had managed to keep its van rolling until about a month ago, when it died. If you want to hear first-hand what it’s like to go through a whole month without a single visit from the bookmobile, just ask the pre-schoolers at Stay and Play, a daycare center.”

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Bookmobile driver shares joy of books on route

SF Chronicle – “On a recent morning, Terry Jones visited the three one-room schoolhouses in rural Marin County where she makes weekly stops. Exuberant and optimistic, Jones arrives in a 29-foot bookmobile equipped with 25,000 books, DVDs and CDs. She chats up the students, stokes their enthusiasm about new titles (” ‘The Great Rabbit Rescue’ comes out in December!”) and at one stop reads a spooky Halloween story, “Bone Soup,” out loud to the children.”

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As bookmobile is halted, librarian moves on

Washington Post – “Susie Andrews says she has worked with thousands of children during her 34-year career as a Montgomery County librarian. Her bookmobile is being shelved for now, and she is retiring”

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Tom Corwin celebrates reading with bookmobile

SF Chron – “Pulling away from the Cafe Flore on Market Street, San Francisco author Daniel Handler feels all the power and the weight of the 33-foot-long bookmobile as he cajoles it up the Market Street hill en route to his childhood library branch at West Portal. Unused to navigating large vehicles – “I’ve never even driven an SUV” – he is remarkably calm as he chugs through traffic on a recent afternoon.”

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Bookmobiles of the Past

Anna Badkhen – “Caravaggio is a relic of an era whose glory days are in the past. She is a bookmobile driver.” (via)

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