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Florida Polytechnic Library Goes Book-Free

“A university library without books? What is higher education coming to? NPR’s Scott Simon talks to Kathryn Miller at Florida Polytechnic University about the school’s new bookless library.” (via NPR)

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This Librarian Is Not Impressed With Your Digital, No-Books Library

“I’m young for a librarian — 34 in a field where the median age is over 50. It should go without saying then that I’m not the least bit afraid of technology. Digital tools make me far more productive at what I do. However, as a member of the only profession dedicated to mastering, or at very least thinking about, the epistemology of all human discourses, I can tell you that books on a shelf arranged by the Dewey Decimal System (or Library of Congress Classification or UDC or Bliss or any other well-developed scheme) are an essential and invaluable architecture of human discovery and understanding.” (via NextCity)

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Bookless Library In Texas Aims To Break Down The Barriers To Reading

“San Antonios newest library doesnt look very bookish. In fact, the BiblioTech is completely digital. Host Scott Simon speaks with Judge Nelson Wolff of Bexar County, who spearheaded the initiative, about the modern take on the traditional library.” (via NPR)

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A Bookless Library Opens in San Antonio

“Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff isn’t the man you’d imagine as the visionary for the nation’s first all-digital public library. The former San Antonio mayor doesn’t own an e-reader (“I refuse to read the e-book!” he says) and for years has collected first editions of modern novels (in print, mind you). Back in the 1990s, Wolff helped spearhead San Antonio’s 240,000 square-foot, six-story, $50 million central public library, a building the city is now struggling to figure out what to do with. Today, Wolff says he would’ve avoided building such a large facility. “Who would’ve thought 20 years ago we’d be where we are today?” he says.

via TIME)

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At Brooklyn Library’s New Center, Books Are Secondary

“The young couple burst through the great bronze doors of the main Brooklyn Public Library 15 minutes before closing time one recent Sunday with an unusual request: Was there somewhere they could recite their vows? It was a blustery day, and the two — a military man and his fiancée, according to librarians — wanted a place they could finish their nuptials away from the chill at Grand Army Plaza. Fortunately, the library had not long before opened a $3.25 million addition to its central branch, complete with conference rooms available to anyone with an adult library card. Librarians showed the couple to Room 5, the lack of a reservation notwithstanding.” (via NYTimes.com)

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Nation’s first bookless library on university campus is thriving at UTSA

“Three years since it opened, the nation’s first completely bookless library on a college or university campus is thriving. The Applied Engineering and Technology (AET) Library at The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) caters to the research needs of its College of Sciences and College of Engineering and has become an essential resource for its students and faculty.” (

via UTSA)

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Uncollected Thoughts About the Upcoming Bookless Library

“San Antonio’s Bexar County will open the country’s first “bookless” public library with plans to expand the service county-wide. The Bexar County Commissioner’s Court says “The pilot BiblioTech, located on the South Side, will offer residents thousands of electronic titles; access to desktop, laptop and tablet computers; and e-readers that can be checked out by patrons.” The library is the brain-child of County Judge Nelson Wolff, who says that if you want to know what the library will look like, you should take a tour of an Apple store.”

via Book Riot

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