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Mashable Reads is Your New Social Book Club

“Mashable is a destination for timely social media and technology news; and now we’re breaking into the literature scene to supplement your daily news updates with some soul-enriching, feel-good reads For the past few months, Mashable conducted its own book club where staff devoured Chad Harbach’s “The Art of Fielding”, Khaled Housseini’s “And the Mountains Echoed” and most recently “Where’d You Go, Bernadette” by Maria Semple. After countless inquires from Mashable readers asking to join in, we’ve decided to expand our book club to include our community. Not only are we going to pick one book per month to read along with the Mashable community we are going to have the author come into Mashable HQ for some social media fun, plus, through a Twitter chat you’ll be able to interact with the author directly.” (via Mashable)

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Oprah’s Book Club Turns Over A New Page

“Oprah Winfrey became a publishing powerhouse when she started her book club in 1996. Her picks went to the top of best-seller lists — and stayed there for weeks. But when Winfrey’s daily talkfest went off the air, the book club ended as well. Now she is reviving it: Winfrey has just announced her second pick for the Book Club 2.0: The Twelve Tribes of Hattie, a novel by first-time author Ayana Mathis about the Great Migration of African-Americans out of the rural South.”

via NPR

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Oprah relaunches book club, saying ‘I still believe in books’

LA Times – “Just in time for the summer reading season, Oprah Winfrey announced Friday that she’s bringing back her book club. In a video posted on the website of her OWN network, Winfrey said, “This time, it’s an interactive, online book club for our digital world. That’s why we’re calling it Book Club 2.0.” Her book club reboot is designed to take advantage of the new technologies available to readers. The e-book editions of her selections will be enhanced especially for the Oprah Book Club, with sharing capacities and notations from Winfrey herself. She also promises to use social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook to conduct the discussion about the book.”

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Book publisher Penguin takes to Twitter for unique book club experience

TNW – “Since Twitter launched in 2006, there have been tons of unique uses of the platform, including fundraising, live tweeting the State of the Union, and now thanks to Penguin, a book club. I’ve seen some corners of Twitter take to using hashtags to create a conversation on the platform. While it can be difficult to follow a conversation on the service, especially in real-time, Penguin thinks that the time-shifted hobby of reading books is a perfect way to bring people together.”

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Reading devices infiltrate book clubs

Contra Costa Times – “Sandy Harris has long enjoyed laid-back conversations about literature with the other members of her East Bay book club. Lately, though, technology is complicating the routine: “We’re definitely divided into the Kindle people and the not Kindle people,” Harris says, alluding to Amazon.com’s popular digital reading device.

Welcome to the changing landscape of book clubs, those ubiquitous living-room forums where dog-eared tomes — with favorite passages marked by hand — often now share space with Kindles, Nooks, iPads, iPhones and other portable devices. Resentments simmer. Protocols are upended — and last December, Harris, a special ed teacher at Concord High School, wondered if her group’s annual Christmas book swap was endangered, with so many members downloading e-books rather than buying old-fashioned hardbacks and paperbacks.”

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