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Government Blogging

AP lists a few of them.

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More on Surveys

Hey AL. – I’m proud to be on the same list as you. I just hope you don’t think I’m boring.

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Question for Library School Professors

For those that assign a blog as a requirement for a course, do you give the students the option to not have the blog publicly available for all to read? If not, do you tell them how to set it up so that it isn’t?

Does this question make sense? Sorry, I’m running on very little sleep these days. Thank goodness for energy drinks!

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Dissertation Completed

Leslie Crang – “After constantly talking about my dissertation entitled Blogging and its impact on libraries and librarians I have published it here on my personal website.”


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Career Blogs

A “new-to-me” term, and Jason Eiseman thinks that my blog is a good example of one. Sounds good to me.

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New To Me Librar* Blog

Lifelong Access Libraries Blog – ‘”Lifelong Access Libraries is a national initiative aimed at causing fundamental change in how public libraries define, create, and deliver their services to active older adults, a segment of the population that is growing rapidly across the nation. We’ve created this blog to encourage discussion and collaboration among the library community and others interested in providing innovative services to active older adults.

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Dewey & Main

New (to me) Librar* Blog – “Embracing the L words: library and local. This blog explores the relationship between the two.The Internet is localizing and becoming more aware of places (neighborhoods, communities, towns, cities and so on). In fact, to mis-quote a local business owner of some renown, local may be as red hot as the candy that bears the same name. The gist of this blog is that libraries, as locally-focused institutions involved with the flow of information within their communities, can follow this trend and get localer.”

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Blogs and Law School Rankings

Conglomerate – “[T]he main thrust of the article is that blogs “represent a cost effective mechanism for improving a law school’s reputational rankings and, perforce, its overall rankings in the infamous US News and World Report.” (via)

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-Name Your Blog

Michael Weiss – “What follows are a few mild observations and modest suggestions based on a frightening amount of Web trawling.” (via)

Bookslut gets a mention.

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Blog is Not a Word

Ellen Goodman – “It’s worth remembering that the blogosphere is still so new it baffles spell check.” (via)

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