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Top 10 Blogging Cities

Social Media has a list, culled from Nielsen.

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Google Adds Blogs to Universal Search

E-Week – “Starting this week or next, queries on the leading search engine will return links to blogs alongside the images, news, books, local maps and video, Marissa Mayer, vice president of search products and user experience, told eWEEK in a briefing at the company’s headquarters here.”

It’s about time.

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More on Blog Ads

Rob Crumpler – “[H]ow come advertising on blogs is so dirt cheap?”

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On Library Blogging

Sophie Brookover on Why We Blog. Great piece.

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.Gov Libraries

Gov Gab (A new to me blog – subscribed!!) talks about the benefits of libraries (via)

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Of Blogs, eBooks, and Broadband

Hannibal Travis – “This Article argues that digital media such as the broadband Internet, the World Wide Web, and the blogosphere should be at least as free as the press was at the time that the First Amendment was ratified in 1791”

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Emily Clasper – “With the proliferation of library blogs, I’m always surprised to see how few libraries blog their reference questions… especially the common ones”

A FARQ is a Frequently Asked Reference Question. This is a wonderful idea and one that I have advocate for a long time. Go Emily!

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Conference Blogging

J – “Blogging at a library conference is a great way to avoid going outside and seeing exciting new places.”

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Life Changing Blogs

Eugene Volokh – “Has Reading Blogs Changed Your Life?”

For me, they have, both for better and for worse.

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Conference Blogs

T. Scott – “I remember that just a few years ago, having a blog as part of the pre-conference preparations was a new and radical experiment, and they’re still not as common as I might expect.”

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