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Notice Those Ads on Blogs? Regulators Do, Too

NYTimes.com – “BLOGGERS, be warned. Advertisers, you too.  Two of the National Advertising Review Council’s investigative units plan to announce Tuesday their first decisions involving blogs. Their recommendations call for clear disclosure when a company is sponsoring a site or paying for product reviews.”

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Overlawyered turns 10


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Bloggers take German national library to task

FT.com – “My parents are never going to believe I’m going to be catalogued by the German national library,” the blogger wrote about the library’s plans to collect things German on the web to add to its century-old collection of the nation’s books.”

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In Web World of 24/7 Stress, Writers Blog Till They Drop

New York Times – “I haven’t died yet,” said Michael Arrington, the founder and co-editor of TechCrunch, a popular technology blog. The site has brought in millions in advertising revenue, but there has been a hefty cost. Mr. Arrington says he has gained 30 pounds in the last three years, developed a severe sleeping disorder and turned his home into an office for him and four employees. “At some point, I’ll have a nervous breakdown and be admitted to the hospital, or something else will happen.”

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Corporate employee blogs: Lawsuits waiting to happen?

CNET – “A recent libel lawsuit filed against Cisco Systems over one of its employees’ personal blogs could spur companies, many of which have encouraged workers to share their writings publicly, to reconsider how much latitude to give them.”

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Blog vs. Peer Review Update: Interactivity Brings Some Surprises

Chronicle.com – “For the past several weeks, the scholar has posted a section of his draft each day to a popular blog he contributes to — called Grand Text Auto — and he has invited readers to praise it or tear it to shreds. They’ve done both. And by early next week, Mr. Wardrip-Fruin will have posted the whole tome, and the first phase of the experiment will be over.”

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Cover It Live

Maybe we should all try out Cover It Live at CIL. Looks interesting (via)

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Blog Takes Failed Marriage Into Fight Over Free Speech

New York Times – “[T]he court has ordered the husband to stop posting blog items about his wife and their crumbled marriage, possibly turning an ordinary divorce into a much broader battle over free speech on the Internet.”

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Nominate Your Favorite Blogs For LISNews 10 Blogs To Read in 2008

Let’s have the debate again. My favorite part is when the winners fail to thank those that vote for them. Let’s see if that happens this year…

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Happy 10th “Weblog”

The word is celebrating it’s birthday.

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