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NLM Launches New Blog; Seeks Your Ideas For Charting Its Future

“The National Library of Medicine is giving its users, collaborators and advisers a say in planning the future of the world’s largest medical library. A symposium, “The National Library of Medicine, 1984-2014: Voyaging to the Future,” will be held May 14, 2014, from 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. in the Natcher Center on the National Institutes of Health campus. The event is co-sponsored by the Board of Regents of the National Library of Medicine; the Friends of the National Library of Medicine; and the Medical Library Association. The symposium will reflect on the successes and setbacks during the past 30 years and consider opportunities for the future. In conjunction with the event, the library is collecting written recollections highlighting the impact the library has had over the last 30 years, as well as ideas for future opportunities, in a moderated blog launched May 1, 2014. People who have advised and worked with NLM and/or benefited from its programs and services are invited to share their comments by visiting the Voyaging to the Future blog, voyagingtothefuture.nlm.nih.gov.” (via NLM)

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Information Space Blog Celebrates Major Milestones

“The School of Information Studies’ (iSchool) community blog, Information Space, surpassed one million page views in 2013, and reached its highest page views in a single day at 6,218 views recently. “I’m very proud of the work that our team has done to get to this point.  This is really a team effort and everyone involved should be proud of his or her contributions,” said Kelly Lux, director of social media and adjunct professor at the iSchool.” (via The School of Information Studies – Syracuse University)

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New LOC Blog – Welcome to Folklife Today

“Today we welcome the  newest member of the Library of Congress blogosphere: Folklife Today, a new blog produced by the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress. AFC has one of the largest archives in the world relating to traditional folk culture.  The center’s team of bloggers will be posting regularly with interesting information about its collections and services and other folklore and folklife topics of interest.” (via Library of Congress Blog)

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NLM’s History of Medicine Division Launches “Circulating Now,” a New Blog Featuring the Historical Collections of the World’s Largest Biomedical Library

“The NLM’s History of Medicine Division has launched a new blog, Circulating Now, to encourage greater exploration and discovery of one of the world’s largest and most treasured history of medicine collections. Encompassing millions of items that span ten centuries, these collections include items in just about every form one can imagine—from books, journals, and photographs, to lantern slides, motion picture films, film strips, video tapes, audio recordings, pamphlets, ephemera, portraits, woodcuts, engravings, etchings, and lithographs. The NLM’s historical collections also include items from the present day: born-digital materials and rich data sets—like the millions of records in its IndexCat database—that are ripe for exploration through traditional research methods and new ones that are emerging in the current climate of “big data” and the digital humanities.” (via NLM)

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Library of Congress Highlights Historical Civil War Figures

“The Library of Congress will debut a unique new blog to complement its exhibition, “The Civil War in America,” which opens Nov. 12. The blog will help chronicle the sacrifices and accomplishments of those—from both the North and South—whose lives were lost or affected by the events of 1861–1865. “While pouring through the collections in preparation for putting together this exhibition, it struck us that the wealth of first-person accounts – through diaries, letters and published memoirs – provided such a rich and personal narrative for the exhibition and could be repackaged in a modern-day format to evoke the immediacy of what these people were experiencing directly,” said exhibit director Cheryl Regan. “And posting this material throughout the duration of the exhibition will provide a memorable and unique experience even for individuals unable to travel to Washington.”

via Library of Congress

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Penn Libraries blog takes collections off the shelves

Penn Current – “Libraries hold treasures. Yet not everyone has the time or opportunity to stroll regularly through the stacks to uncover these buried gems. That is why Penn Libraries has launched a new blog called Unique at Penn that brings those discoveries off the shelves. With posts that describe, depict, and provide historical context for unusual books and manuscripts, the blog allows internet users to easily engage with the undiscovered and under-discovered collections within the University’s library system.”

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Law Students: Get Blogging

NYLJ – “There has been a rising controversy about the utility of a traditional law school education. Lawyers finish school prepared to think like lawyers, but are they prepared to develop business and survive in a competitive economy? Well, no, not usually. To remedy this situation, Fordham University School of Law brought in Silvia Hodges, who earned the first doctorate degree on record in legal services marketing. Last spring, she launched a course on the topic. While a far cry from the usual torts or constitutional law curricula, her class is essential. It aids law students in developing their personal brands.”

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On Firmer Ground

On Firmer Ground – “A collaborative effort of the Legal Division of the Special Libraries Association, the Private Law LIbraries Special Interest Section of the American Association of Law Libraries, the Canadian Association of Law Libraries (l’Association Canadienne des Bibliothèques de Droit) and the British and Irish Association of Law Librarians.”

I’m excited about this new blog.  

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The Library of America launches a blog

Los Angeles Times – “The Library of America, the nonprofit publishing house dedicated to creating an in-print library of editions of America’s greatest works, launched its first blog Friday. Called Reader’s Almanac, it focuses on joining the current online discussions that touch on the works and authors in the publisher’s catalog, such as William Faulkner, Jack Kerouac, Mark Twain and Walt Whitman.”

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Coming Out Party: The Debut of the Libraries and Transliteracy Blog

Unquiet Librarian – “It is with tremendous excitement I share the debut of a brand new blog today: The Libraries and Transliteracy Blog.”

Congrats to Buffy, Tom, and Bobbi.

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