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Google Reader vs. Bloglines

bibliosk8 does a bit of comparison…

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New from Bloglines

Search, Flickr View, Add Page. I haven’t seen any numbers lately. Is Google Reader still kicking Bloglines?

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New From Bloglines

Wow. Two new features in as many days? Will Bloglines be able to keep up with Google Reader? I doubt it. Google has an infinite amount of money. Bloglines? Not as much.

Google Reader makes me feel smarter. Bloglines never did that (and I won’t find out if it does now, because I’m not going back to it).

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Bloglines Top 1000

If you are not into statistics and rankings, stop reading.

Bloglines introduced their top 1000 feeds today. Of course, I checked my ranking. As of right now, I’m at 151. Not too shabby.

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New Bloglines

Rats. I actually have to log in and check out the new Bloglines (Must. Remember. Password.) Can RSS reading get better, easier, and quicker than Google Reader? Doubtful, but there needs to be competitors in the market.

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Bloglines to Google Reader

Bill Drew makes the switch. Have you?

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Bloglines Image Wall Redux

Somehow I missed the news of Bloglines Image Wall.  Well, apparently, they got a few complaints.  So, they fixed it:

"[W]e now realize we didn’t take into proper consideration how the Image Wall might impact educators, librarians and other people who have a responsibility for limiting access to adult material. Many of these good folks are users and even advocates of Bloglines. They form a community that we respect and admire. For them, simply making the personal choice not to view the Image Wall after reading the disclaimer is not sufficient to satisfy their obligations to those they are charged with protecting.

These valid concerns place the Image Wall squarely in the middle of the classic tension between "freedom of expression" and "freedom from expression". It’s not a tension unfamiliar to libraries, schools (or, for that matter a search company), as each struggles to strike the right balance between access and restriction.

Over the past week, with the help and advice of many of you, we’ve been working to strike that balance for the Image Wall and the users of Bloglines. We feel we’ve found it."

They’ve moved the image wall to http://www.bloglinesimagewall.com/

Librarians and teachers rejoice.  I think.

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Bloggity-Blog-Blog-Blog – Bloglines v. Google Reader

Laura "Tegan" Gjovaag does a stream of consciousness review of Google Reader while comparing it to Bloglines.  Do take a look.  I like this quote, which I was thinking too as I fell madly in love with Google Reader:

"Here’s my thoughts, as I go through the new Google Reader… First off, before I even open the thing, I’m thinking how Google is slowly taking over my life. Their e-mail system is better than many others (I love being able to put emails in multiple "folders" with the labels function, and the spam filter is better than just about anyone else), I use their search engine almost exclusively, and they’ve bought Blogger. Despite their mantra "Don’t Be Evil", they’ve made some very depressing choices regarding politics and internet freedom. Hmmm… do I really want to turn over my blog reading to them as well?"

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