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Google Responds to Blogger ID Issue

There was a court order.

I love the disclaimer at the end of the piece. Priceless.

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Google Gives Up IP of Anonymous Blogger

More info on Slashdot. Is the Annoyed Librarian shaking in his/her boots? ;-) (via)

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Why No “Blog This”?

Denise Howell asks: “Facebook finally has me using an aggregator after six years of finding them basically useless. It’s Google Reader. So now I have my first grumble: as part of the Google OS/empire, why doesn’t Reader have “Blog This” functionality with Blogger?”

I’m sure something can be hacked, but in the meantime, there’s the old standard.

And, yes. Google Reader still rocks my world.

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Feedburner Feeds Galore

Great news for Blogger.com users.

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