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Library of Congress Service Launches App to Bring Materials to Blind Readers

“Karen Keninger remembers fondly the carefully wrapped packages of braille books delivered to the doorstep of her childhood home in Vinton, Iowa, from the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped. “It was like Christmas,” recalls Keninger, who was diagnosed with an eye disease at 16 months old. By the age of 7, her vision had deteriorated to the point where she lost the ability to read large-print books. “I would get excited every time the mail came because I loved reading,” she said.” (via Roll Call Hill Life)

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Library Copyright Alliance Hails WIPO for Landmark Victory for the Blind

“The Library Copyright Alliance applauds the World Intellectual
Property Organization (WIPO) for finalizing the Treaty for the Blind, a treaty that will allow nations to share or make accessible copies for the print disabled in other countries, who more often than not, have little access to reading materials. WIPO issued draft text…of the treaty yesterday in Morocco.” (via Library Copyright Alliance)

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Obama Stops Championing Treaty That Gives the Blind Better Access to E-Books

“The Obama administration went on record four years ago supporting a proposed international treaty to make books more accessible to the blind. But as world leaders prepare to gather in Morocco next month to finalize a deal that Brazil, Ecuador and Paraguay proposed in 2009, the administration is mum on whether it supports a treaty that would, for the first time, loosen copyright restrictions. Many fear lobbying by Hollywood and dozens of the world’s largest corporations, including ExxonMobil, may scuttle the treaty altogether.” (via Wired.com)

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To get some audiobooks, you’ve got to be blind

USA Today – “Generations of young people have thrilled to the crackling wit of Holden Caulfield, the teenage narrator of The Catcher in the Rye. But if you want to hear an authorized audiobook of J.D. Salinger’s seminal 1951 novel, you’ll need what amounts to a doctor’s prescription. Salinger died in 2010, without relinquishing the rights for an audio recording. But U.S. copyright law grants the Library of Congress permission to produce an audio recording or Braille edition of any published work for the blind and physically handicapped, provided the book is distributed free, unabridged and, in the case of recordings, on special digital playback equipment.”

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