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Can You Read a Book on Your BlackBerry? Time to Find Out, Via Amazon’s Kindle

ATD – “Amazon’s Kindle strategy has two prongs: Tether its e-book store closely to its own devices — but make sure buyers can also read their purchases on other platforms, if they really want to. That will be important when Apple’s iPad (AAPL) launches, since Amazon will have an app that works on that device. And it’s already relevant for users of both iPhones/iPods and PCs that run Microsoft Windows (MSFT). And as of this morning, some BlackBerry users.”

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35% of Professionals Would Choose BlackBerry Over Spouse

ABA Journal – “Professionals have a love-hate relationship with their BlackBerrys, and in some cases it’s interfering with their marriages.”

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How To Regain Control From Your BlackBerry

Law Practice Today – “Blackberries and other smart phone devices are supposed to provide the flexibility to be able to work anywhere but are they really allowing us more freedom? It is important to recognize when your Blackberry has become more of a burden than resource and how to solve this problem.”

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BlackBerry Service Outage Sweeps U.S.

This was annoying. We didn’t know what to do with ourselves. My hands were twitching. :-)

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