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Clinton Library details upcoming release

“Long secret files about the pardon of billionaire Marc Rich, the death of White House attorney Vince Foster and former First Lady Hillary Clinton’s failed health care reform effort are set to emerge on Friday, the National Archives said Wednesday.” (via POLITICO.com)

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Bill Clinton library plans 10th anniversary event

“The presidential library honoring Bill Clinton in Little Rock, Arkansas, is planning for a major event in November to honor its tenth anniversary, sources familiar with the planning said Thursday. The event is expected to fall on Nov. 14, according to emails circulating among potential attendees. That’s four days before the anniversary of the Nov. 18, 2004, unveiling. It was not immediately clear if the event would be limited to one day.” (via POLITICO.com)

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Clinton Library release of papers on Ginsburg, Breyer nominations offer insight, some fun

“Once the president has chosen, and the Senate has confirmed, and the black robe is hanging in the lockers just beyond the grand courtroom, all the judging is done by the justices of the Supreme Court. For as long as they want. But until then, it seems, almost everyone has a say on the qualifications of those who might sit at the mahogany bench. That includes the young lawyer just a month out of law school who 21 years ago sized up then-appeals court judge Stephen G. Breyer as a “rather cold fish” who was unlikely to be “a great Supreme Court justice.” (via The Washington Post)

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CIA, Clinton library to release declassified Bosnia records

“The Clinton library and the CIA on Thursday announced the release next month of more than 300 newly declassified documents on intelligence and presidential policy-making during the 1992-1995 Bosnia War. Former President Bill Clinton is scheduled to deliver remarks during a symposium Oct. 1 hosted by the Clinton Presidential Library and the Clinton Foundation. The event will mark the first time a U.S. president will participate in a CIA declassification event, officials said.” (via Arkansas News)

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Some Clinton pardon papers still sealed

AP – “The Clinton Presidential Library withheld more than a thousand pages about clemency the former president granted during his last days in office — including a pardon to fugitive financier Marc Rich — from a batch of documents recently released to the public.”

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Bill’s Records

AP – “Former President Bill Clinton will have limited time to review thousands of documents that archivists have cleared for release from his presidential library in Arkansas because of a recent court ruling, federal officials say.”

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