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‘Books On Bikes’ Helps Seattle Librarians Pedal To The Masses

“By the loading dock of Seattle’s downtown library, librarian Jared Mills checks his tire pressure, secures his iPads and locks down about 100 books to an aluminum trailer the size of a steamer trunk. The scene is reminiscent of something you’d see in an action movie, when the hero is gearing up for a big fight, but Mills is gearing up for something very different. “If you’re not prepared and don’t have a lot of experience hauling a trailer, it can be kind of dangerous,” Mills says, especially when you’re going downhill. “The trailer can hold up to 500 pounds.” Mills is part of Seattle Public Library’s “Books on Bikes” program, which aims to keep the library nimble and relevant by sending librarians and their bicycles to popular community events around Seattle.” (via ‘NPR)

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Denver grads create ‘bike library’ for people in need of a free ride

USATODAY – “Mary Jean O'Malley and Zoee Turrill, 22-year-old recent graduates of the university, are the masterminds behind a bike-sharing program on DU's campus that will debut this fall. The “bike library” is a pilot for a citywide bike-sharing program that will launch next spring. Six hundred bikes will be placed in 40 kiosks around the city of Denver, so locals can borrow and return them.”

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