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Obscure and popular books part of Berkeley library weeding process

“When librarians from the Berkeley Public Library were examining books that had not been checked out for three years to determine which ones to keep and which to discard, they reviewed “The Housefly: Its Natural History, Medical Importance, and Control,” written by Luther S. West in 1951. It was retained. So was “A Guide to Shrubs for Coastal California,” by Harry Morton Butterfield, published in 1980, and the memoir “The Peacocks of Baboquivari,” by Erma J. Fisk, which came out in 1987. But the librarians agreed that Yingxing Song’s “Chinese Technology in the Seventeenth Century,” described by its publisher as a “1637 classic on the history of traditional Chinese technology,” didn’t need to remain in circulation. Neither did “Creating Color: a Dyer’s Handbook,” by Judy Anne Walter or “Strip City: A Stripper’s Farewell Journey across America,” by Lily Burana.” (via Berkeley Side)

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Berkeley: Whistle-blower rally calls for library policy changes

“Retired librarians and some three dozen allies blew the whistle Tuesday — literally — at a noontime rally on library policies. Calling for whistle-blower protection for staff, retired librarian Pat Mullan, a whistle around her neck, told the crowd outside the Central Library that the system’s staff members face “threats of retaliation for speaking up in meetings.” Mullan was referring to librarians who have publicly opposed the reorganized process for selecting and deselecting library materials. “Thousands and thousands of books have been tossed without the librarians’ input,” Mullan charged, punctuating her message with whistle blasts. (via San Jose News)

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Berkley or Berkeley? Library scores misspelled buttons

“When two cities have nearly identical names, mix-ups are bound to happen. But for the city of Berkley’s Public Library, a decade-old mistake by a library on the west coast turned into a pretty sweet deal. The Oakland County library received a batch of buttons from the Berkeley Public Library, located in Berkeley, Calif., after the library noticed its order of buttons were misspelled. The buttons say: “I have a library card, Berkley Public Library.” (via Free Press)

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UC Berkeley’s free speech movement interviews released to the public

“While many commemorations of UC Berkeley’s free speech movement focus on central players in the monthslong clash with the administration, a new project tells the story from different perspectives — including female activists who dealt with sexism and a student who, after a Mario Savio speech, needed a breather from all the fervent discourse.”I had to get away from it,” UC Berkeley alumna Dutch Key told a historian. “It was too intense. I went shopping at Macy’s.”

Interviews with dozens of people who experienced the free speech movement in 1964 and 1965 are being released to the public, just in time for its 50th anniversary.” (via San Jose Mercury News)

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Berkeley Public Library’s Branch Out draws thousands

“This April, the Berkeley Public Library marked the completion of its Branch Library Improvement Program with a month-long celebration. The event, called Branch Out, consisted of over 170 programs and helped draw thousands of visitors to the Library. True to its name, Branch Out featured a wide range of free workshops and activities for all Berkeley residents. The Central Library and its four branches put on author talks, book clubs, arts and crafts sessions, daily geocaching sessions and a multitude of other programs designed to stimulate the mind, body and soul.

Scattered throughout the month were larger gatherings that attracted hundreds of people each. These included after-hours concerts, a family-friendly First Friday festival showcasing local artwork and a barn dance. All were catered by local eateries.” (via Berkeleyside)

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UC Berkeley grad to expand Wikipedia’s scholarly offerings

“Kevin Gorman is the proverbial walking encyclopedia – the kind of guy who can explain the significance of the Winter War of 1939, but also name nearly every species in the fungus kingdom. Gorman, 22, UC Berkeley Class of ’13, spent his youth guzzling up the pages of Encyclopedia Britannica before eventually becoming a full-blown Wikipedia fanatic. Now Gorman is UC Berkeley’s official Wikipedian-in-Residence, a liaison of sorts between the hallowed halls of academia and that essential ingredient in so many last-minute term papers. In short, his charge is to improve the quality and quantity of information on the collaborative online encyclopedia. It is the first post of its kind at a university.” (via SFGate)

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Faculty win fight to preserve Berkeley libraries

“Close lots of library locations on campus, or close fewer and see services reduced at most of the remaining locations. Faced with those options in light of a budget crunch, the faculty at the University of California at Berkeley aid no to both and set out to find alternative funding sources to save the library — all 25 locations. While the university’s main library complex, referred to as Doe/Moffitt, was never in danger, professors wanted to preserve the smaller reading spaces housing specialized collections — and the librarians who know them intimately.” (via Inside Higher Ed)

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UC Berkeley libraries saved with influx of cash

“UC Berkeley’s troubled system of two dozen libraries will receive a yearly infusion of cash under a new plan that is nothing short of a rescue mission for the intellectual centerpiece of the great university. The plan will pull in about $6 million a year in new money from a variety of sources, some of it still undetermined. The libraries – known collectively as “the Library”- will also shave $2 million from their costs by drawing down on reserve funds and becoming more efficient.” (via SFGate)

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UC Berkeley library gets grant to catalog Pat Brown documents

“Governor Jerry Brown recently became the longest serving governor in California history. And now researchers may get a chance to learn more about his late father: former Governor Edmund “Pat” Brown. UC Berkeley’s Bancroft Library is organizing its large archive of Pat Brown documents. The library has received a $164,000 grant to help it tackle the task. The archive includes 1,030 cartons of documents, seven boxes of photos,  and five boxes of audio material donated to the campus in 1968—and only a small amount has been put in order.” (via 89.3 KPCC)

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Symposium to be held on future of campus libraries

“here will be a symposium Friday in Wheeler Hall to address the future of the various libraries on the UC Berkeley campus and how they ought to move forward. Initiated by the Commission on the Future of the UC Berkeley Library, the symposium aims to provide input for a re-envisioning initiative for campus libraries and is part of a larger effort conducted by the commission to retool libraries for the future. “We want really to encourage a dialogue not just about our library but where our library is going in the next 10 to 20 years,” said Carla Hesse, co-chair of the commission.

via The Daily Californian

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