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Libraries battle bed bugs in books

“The vampire in the teen romance your daughter checked out from the library is fictional — but there could be a bloodsucker lurking in the book’s binding that isn’t make believe. A bed bug was spotted in a Las Vegas-Clark County Library District bin two weeks ago in the service center where 18,000 library items are sorted daily, said Karen Bramwell-Thomas, the district’s public relations manager. The stowaway was captured with tape, but some UNLV students think there might be a way to kill the creatures before they get past the book drop. UNLV undergraduate engineering students Jack Cheney, Nicole Ramos and Vachara Maneeraj created a solar-powered book drop that roasts bed bugs to death. The project was part of UNLV’s engineering senior design competition in May. All engineering students must collaborate for a year to produce a product using their engineering skills.” (via Las Vegas Review-Journal)

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Libraries throw book at bedbug invasion

“Bedbugs are checking in at some Ontario public libraries, but at others the tiny scourge hasn’t cropped up, thanks to some sharp eyes and pre-emptive moves to keep them at bay. London library branches have been throwing the book at the teeny biters, switching out furniture for seating that doesn’t give bedbugs a place to hide, the library’s Ellen Hobin said. Chatham-Kent public libraries have done the same, covering computer chairs in plastic and switching out casual seating to vinyl or leather, said the library’s Tania Sharpe.” (via Chatham Daily News)

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Bedbug sighting shuts down floor at University of Utah library

“A thirst for blood is competing with students’ thirst for knowledge at the University of Utah. A bedbug sighting at the U.’s Marriott Library led officials to bar students from accessing the building’s third floor Thursday as Environmental Health and Safety officials get rid of the parasitic pests. U. spokeswoman Valoree Dowell said that a patron observed bedbugs in a lounge-area chair on Tuesday.” (via The Salt Lake Tribune)

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Public Library wants to turn page on real life bedbug story

“It is a story the Lawrence Public Library does not want any part of anymore. Friends of the Lawrence Public Library had to cancel its book fair last week because of a bed bug infestation.The library planned to sell thousands of books until it realized a donor had given books infested with bedbugs.” (via KSHB.com)

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UW libraries say bedbugs are gone from library books

“Library books previously infested with bedbugs are now declared free of the insects, according to UW Libraries. The bugs were discovered in approximately 10 books last August, first by a student-employee who noticed black droppings from the bugs in his own books. The employee notified library officials, who took swift action to terminate life in the books. Since then, there have been no reported cases of bedbugs in library books, said Stephanie Lamson, a preservation librarian at UW Libraries.”

via The Daily

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Bedbugs Hitch a Ride on Library Books

“READING in bed, once considered a relatively safe pastime, is now seen by some as a riskier proposition. That’s because bedbugs have discovered a new way to hitchhike in and out of beds: library books. It turns out that tiny bedbugs and their eggs can hide in the spines of hardcover books. The bugs crawl out at night to feed, find a new home in a headboard, and soon readers are enjoying not only plot twists but post-bite welts.”

via New York Times

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