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Digitizing an Analog Past

WSJ – “From around the mid 1970s into the 1990s analog recording became popular and affordable. Photocopiers, audio and video cassette recorders may seem slow and cumbersome now, but then they put capabilities into the hands of individuals which had previously only been available to fairly large organizations.In the days of punk, photocopied “fanzines” spread the word. For other forms of music, home-made mix cassette tapes were often the chosen medium. At the time, their ephemeral nature was perhaps part of the attraction, but now people are beginning to look for ways to preserve examples of a past that often represents their youth.”

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Protecting Kids?

BBC – “Teachers have called for websites such as YouTube to be shut down as part of efforts to prevent pupils and staff being bullied.” (via)

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We Still Read

BBC: “Contrary to popular belief, Britain may not be a nation of dumbed-down MP3-toting philistines who prefer computer games to the mind-expanding delights of a good book.” (via)

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