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Baton Rouge’s library system makes millions more each year — so why do officials want to raise taxes?

“Amid the debate over whether the East Baton Rouge Parish library system should raise taxes, here’s something to keep in mind: The library has been collecting millions of additional dollars most years, even without a tax hike. Though the tax rate for property owners has actually gone down over the past nine years, revenue generated by the library tax has soared. When the current tax, approved at 11.1 mills, went into effect in 2006, the system had $26.02 million in tax revenue. Thanks to millage adjustments after reassessments, the millage rate is now 10.78 mills, but the library system will earn $40.83 million from the tax in 2015 — a 57 percent increase, due to an increase in property values and new developments. Adjusted for inflation, $26.02 million in today’s dollars is $30.54 million, a little more than $10 million less than what the system is actually collecting.” (via NOLA)

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$35M library takes shape in Baton Rouge

“Community leaders got a preview Tuesday of East Baton Rouge Parish’s new $35 million main library, which is expected to open early in 2014 on Goodwood Boulevard. The facility was built with an eye on technology, and includes high ceilings, sunny rooms and wireless Internet.” (via AP)

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Downtown Baton Rouge library to offer new technology, open space for growing community

“The East Baton Rouge Parish Library Board of Control approved new schematic designs for a downtown library that is meant for future generations to come. The $19-million River Center Branch Library will feature public common areas, children services, teen areas, business pods, multimedia hubs and multiple meeting rooms and an exterior “technology wall” that could be used to show movies to crowds gathering in Galvez Plaza.” (via NOLA.com)

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