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8 Destinations: Cocktails @ the library

Boston Globe – “Libraries hold a certain cachet. So much so that people will go for dinner and cocktails in places that seem like libraries, but aren’t. (Note to libraries: Consider adding a cocktail hour to the menu in your cafes. That hour could be genteel, civilized, no sawdust on the floors, with more, though not rowdy patrons.) Around the world–in cities, on tropical islands, in small towns–there are bars that want to be associated with all things library. Bar hoppers, meanwhile, can say they’re going to the library and sound literary. Yeah, euphemism, with a wink-wink. Hotels are especially fond of naming their lounges “Library Bar,” perhaps because it seems homier, alhough not everyone’s home library is mansion-worthy. Nevertheless, it’s nice to hang out surrounded by expensive bookshelves with tomes stacked neatly, a world away from the Ikea ones filled with dust back home.”

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I’ll Drink To That ;-)

Wayne Bivens-Tatum – “If we really wanted to attract students and make the library fun, perhaps we should use library space for pubs.”

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