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Are libraries banning anti-gay books? Conservative activist Laurie Higgins thinks so.

“The Illinois Family Institute has long been listed as a “hate group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center, so news that their “cultural analyst” Laurie Higgins has said something incendiary about LGBTQ people is not a surprise. This time, however, the particular focus of her anti-gay rant is worth considering, if only because it partakes in the phenomenon of absurd conservative rhetoric sort of sounding good if you don’t think about it too hard.” (via Slate)

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Someone tried to get Hop on Pop banned from Toronto Libraries

“Toronto Public Library occasionally gets requests from people who want a particular book, movie or audio recording removed from library shelves. Librarians dutifully review each complaint.

Sometimes the requests are reasonable. In 2012, for instance, a complaint led to the removal of an educational video that a library user thought reinforced racist stereotypes about date rape. The newly released list of removal requests for 2013, meanwhile, is just completely insane.

In March 2013, someone complained about Hop on Pop, a Dr. Suess book intended to teach phonics to young children, because it “encourages children to use violence against their fathers.” (via torontolife.com)

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Fort Smith library approves ban on e-cigarettes

“Visitors to the Fort Smith Public Library will no longer be able to puff on electronic cigarettes while browsing through books. The library’s Board of Trustees voted Tuesday to ban e-cigarettes, which resemble traditional cigarettes but emit vapor instead of smoke. “The policy as it stands now just says smoking is not allowed in the library,” Library Director Jennifer Goodson told the board, which unanimously approved the measure.” (via AP)

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Could Banning Books Actually Encourage More Readers?

“What do the books “The Catcher in the Rye,” “Invisible Man” and Anne Franks diary have in common? Theyve all been banned from libraries. On Sunday, the American Library Association begins its annual recognition of Banned Books Week. Tell Me More host Michel Martin talks to former ALA president Loriene Roy about targeted books, and efforts to keep them on shelves.” (via NPR)

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Libraries vary in availability of materials to minors

“When library trustees in north suburban Morton Grove learned that a 16-year-old employee would oversee the showing of an R-rated film at the institution, some of them requested that an adult take over the job. The incident represents another page in the ongoing debate over the accessibility of adult-themed materials to young library patrons. “It would be highly offensive to a great number of residents of Morton Grove that the library is using their tax money to employ a 16-year-old to show movies that, under the same circumstances, that person would not be allowed to attend … without parental accompaniment,” said Trustee Catherine Peters.” (via Chicago Tribune)

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Book Daniels slammed as liberal ‘propaganda’ a hot read at libraries

“If your summer reading list includes historian Howard Zinn’s “A People’s History of the United States” and you’re planning to borrow it from the public library, get in line. Purdue University President Mitch Daniels’ alleged efforts to keep Zinn and his 1980 volume out of Indiana college classrooms has prompted a surge of interest in the book, and local libraries are purchasing additional copies to keep up with public demand. The book emphasizes violence against Native Americans and class inequality — presenting American history through the eyes of the common people rather than economic and political elites.” (via WWSBT-TV)

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KRRP Defends ‘The Bluest Eye’ Among Others in Latest Spate of Book Challenges

“School’s out for the summer, but there’s no vacation from book challenges. The Kids’ Right to Read Project is battling a handful of censorship cases…” (via NCAC)

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Toronto library takes anti-date-rape video off shelf after complaints

“Rest assured, erotica lovers, the Toronto Public Library will not be reconsidering its collection of sexy literature, and there are still more than 250 copies of 50 Shades of Grey available (although the majority are currently out on loan). For a brief moment last year the genre faced a dilemma when one of its lesser-known works, the anthology Hard and Fast, was labelled as pornography by someone who wanted all seven copies removed from the library.” (via Toronto Star)

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Chicago schools order book on Iran out of some classrooms

“The Chicago Public Schools ignited controversy this week by ordering that “Persepolis,” a critically acclaimed graphic novel about a girl growing up in Iran at the time of the Islamic revolution, be removed from some classrooms. CPS Chief Executive Barbara Byrd-Bennett said on Friday that the district was not banning the book, by Marjane Satrapi, but had decided that it was “not appropriate for general use” in the seventh grade curriculum.” (via Reuters)

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Brazil judge orders ’50 Shades of Grey’ sealed

“A Brazilian judge has ordered bookstores to ensure that the erotic trilogy ‘‘Fifty Shades of Grey’’ is out of the reach of minors. Judge Raphael Queiroz Campos issued the order Jan 14 after he saw children in one of city’s bookstores looking through erotic books, according to a statement issued by the Rio de Janeiro State Judiciary Department Thursday night.

Eleven copies of the ‘‘Grey’’ series were among 64 books taken from the shelves of two bookstores because their content was deemed improper for those under the age of 18.”


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