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Librarian by day, Rocker by night

Daily Texan – “The soft-spoken, bearded library assistant in the Life Science Library doesn’t necessarily have the look of an indie rock guitarist who toured Europe with an acclaimed ’90s indie band, but there’s more to Harold Whit Williams, who recently released his first solo album after taking a break from recording music, than meets the eye. Aside from working in the Life Science Library since 2002, Williams is a musician and a published poet who, over the last two decades, tasted the allure of a rock-star lifestyle, retreated into the stability of a steady job on campus and, recently, began to dabble in music again. The style of his sound and the sensibilities behind it have changed a bit since his days as a guitarist in the band Cotton Mather, but the appeal is still there and he sees exciting times ahead.”

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One Librarian’s Mission: To Locate American Flags On The Moon

Time – “Annie Platoff, a librarian at UC Santa Barbara, is on a mission to find out what happened to the American flags that astronauts planted on the moon during the six lunar landings. Platoff’s research pinpointed four of them, including the one from Apollo 17, the final lunar mission. At the very least, the nylon national symbols are “tattered” and have “darkened” over the years. She speculates that the other two, planted during Apollo 11 and Apollo 12, fell victim to the ignition gases emitted from the lunar module during blast-off.”

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Kenner librarian focuses on wetland preservation

NOLA – “Charlotte Rizzo, the librarian at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton School in Kenner, believes educating young students is the key in preserving and conserving nature. Rizzo recently led a year-long wetlands program at the school in hopes of encouraging students to take an interest in saving the wetlands.”

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