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Audiobooks are here!

“Today is a huge day for Scribd. We’ve just added more than 30,000 audiobooks to our library, including new releases and bestsellers like The Drop by Dennis Lehane, How to Build a Girl by Caitlin Moran, Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay, The Hard Thing About Hard Things by Ben Horowitz, The Hunger Games Trilogy, and Divergent, all available on Scribd. That makes us (we’re extremely pleased to say) the largest unlimited e-book & audiobook subscription service around.” (via The Scribd Blog)

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Extend your catalog with OverDrive Read and Streaming Audiobooks

“See Book, Read Book. For the past several weeks that’s been the mantra at OverDrive. It’s a vision of simplicity—an idea that drove us to develop easier ways to get more readers in front of the books they love to read and want to buy. Later this year, we’ll be delivering two new services that will extend publisher catalogs to more readers on a wide range of devices: OverDrive Read and streaming audiobooks.”

via OverDrive Blog

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OverDrive to Provide Streaming Audiobooks to Libraries and Schools

“June is Audiobook Month, and leading digital distributor OverDrive announced today that it will update its popular audiobook download services to include new options for readers to instantly “See Book—Hear Book.” Scheduled for launch later this year, streaming audiobooks will be available on a wide range of Internet-connected devices, including smartphones, tablets and computers. This instant-access technology will eliminate long downloads before listening to popular audiobooks from libraries and schools throughout the OverDrive network. The “Listen Now” option will complement the download options already in use with the millions of installed OverDrive Media Console apps on Windows®, Mac®, iPhone®, iPad®, Android™, Windows® Phone and BlackBerry®”

via OverDrive Press Release

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Audiobooks.com creates unlimited Netflix-like streaming

VatorNews – “There has been a lot of news and innovation in the publishing industry as of late. The iPad and the Kindle have been entering houses at record rates and is bringing entire libraries into a touch screen tablet. Apple also recently released iBooks 2 and iAuthors to allow people to independently publish textbook content on the iOS platform in order to lighten the financial and physical load for students. And one other area that is growing and has room to process even further is the world of audio books. The Association of American Publishers released some data a few months ago that showed, that the net sales revenue for publishers has grown annually — with 2010 reaching $27.9 billion (a 5.6% increase over 2008) and $7 million of that came from audio books.”

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To get some audiobooks, you’ve got to be blind

USA Today – “Generations of young people have thrilled to the crackling wit of Holden Caulfield, the teenage narrator of The Catcher in the Rye. But if you want to hear an authorized audiobook of J.D. Salinger’s seminal 1951 novel, you’ll need what amounts to a doctor’s prescription. Salinger died in 2010, without relinquishing the rights for an audio recording. But U.S. copyright law grants the Library of Congress permission to produce an audio recording or Braille edition of any published work for the blind and physically handicapped, provided the book is distributed free, unabridged and, in the case of recordings, on special digital playback equipment.”

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