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More on Bush/Cheney Art

Laura Dolce – “In what has been deemed a victory over censorship, the Kennebunk Free Library Board of Trustees voted late last week to leave artist G. Bud Swenson’s collages hanging in its gallery — and to replace two collages that had been removed. Further, on Friday, the library will host a public forum on Swenson’s work.”

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More on the Art Show Controversy

Peter Schworm – “A controversy in Kennebunk, Maine, over collages made of old American flags, including caricatures of President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney, continues to rustle through the small coastal town near the Bush family’s estate and vacation retreat.”

Also, Boston.com redesigned.

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Censored Flag Art

Laura Dolce – “What started as a simple art show has turned into a battle between an artist and library officials, with charges of censorship on one side, and concerns over “inflammatory” images on the other.”

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