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Princeton University Art Museum’s Asian art collections to be made more accessible to scholars and the public

“The Asian art collections at the Princeton University Art Museum will be highlighted for search and discovery thanks to a $150,000 Museums for America grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS). This IMLS grant will support the Museum’s ongoing Collections Discovery Initiative and is designed to ensure that Princeton’s Asian art collections – widely considered among the premier collections of Asian art in the United States – can be shared with the broadest possible audiences, especially with scholars and researchers. The grant will allow the Museum to enhance and standardize the cataloging of its Asian art holdings, develop rich educational materials and restructure its award-winning Asian art microsite into an in-depth sustainable resource with an innovative new interface.” (via Art Daily)

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Artist never judges a book by its cover – Weekend

“Mike Stilkey can’t stand to see books discarded. Instead, he aims to “give them a new life” by creating works of art out of them. First, Stilkey, 40, heads to local libraries to find books that are about to be thrown out. Then he stacks them on top of one another to make a sculpture of sorts and glues them together. Each ends up looking “like a giant Lego puzzle,” he said.Then he paints on the collection of bindings. Often he doesn’t know what he’s going to paint until his brush touches the surface.” (via LA Times)

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One library’s unused card catalog becomes art

“Earlier in the summer (and recently noted at The Rumpus), the Recorder of Greenfield, Massachusetts wrote about a community college librarian who saved her library’s card catalog by transforming it. After lives in dark drawers, 128 of the cards—now marked by their corresponding authors—have been preserved as a permanent installation on the library’s walls.” (via MobyLives)

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See Some Art While You Can — Google Will Eventually Replace Museums

“The prints in the series Anonymous Paintings are enlarged reproductions of museum artworks that have been imaged by Google Street View technology and later blurred by Google on its Art Project website. They are inkjet prints stretched on cotton panels, but they are also emblematic of the fascination that has built around Google’s Street View glitches and blurrings. Initially launched in 2011, Google Art Project was redesigned in April 2012 expanding the number of museums with the “walk-through” feature from 17 to 51. Now, you can saunter through the Metropolitan Museum of Art, MoMA and The Frick Collection from your living room.” (via Wired.com)

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Greenfield librarian turns catalog cards into art

“Once central to any quest to locate books within a library, the fate of card catalogs was sealed with the rise of the Internet and computer searches, relegating many of those index cards to the country’s basements, storage cabinets and trash bins. But on a wall in the corner of Greenfield Community College’s Nahman-Watson Library, 128 artifacts from the library’s card catalog hang preserved in a glass case – signed by the authors who penned the very books to which the cards once led.” (via AP)

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