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Newberry Library is archiving signs from the Women’s March

“An estimated 250,000 demonstrators attended the Women’s March on Chicago, and one of the city’s world-famous research institutions is working to preserve the event’s historical significance. The Newberry Library is asking people who attended the Saturday rally in Grant Park and those who were at the Women’s March on Washington, D.C., to donate items such as signs, banners, photographs, pins, buttons and posters from either event. On Facebook, the Newberry began urging people to save their signs and other ephemera from the rallies in order to help the library “build a living archive of modern protest that includes voices from across the city.” Feedback was so overwhelming that the library is now considering ways to manage donated materials” (via Time Out)

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Harvesting Government History, One Web Page at a Time

“By noon on Thursday, Davis Erin Anderson had copied the addresses of a few dozen websites and online PDFs that listed signs of climate change by state and region.In a book-lined room on the third floor of the New York Academy of Medicine in Manhattan, Ms. Anderson was hunched over a laptop, working her way through a list of states. All of the material had been posted by federal agencies, and Ms. Anderson was sending it off to an archive so that it would not disappear when the new presidential administration took office in January.” (via The New York Times)

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Google Shuts Down Newspaper Archive Project

The Atlantic – “After three years, Google announced today that it would shutter its ongoing quest to scan and archive printed newspapers. Google’s News Archive, which has scanned nearly a million pages from 2,000 newspapers into an easily browsable database since 2008, was among the most ambitious attempts to record and archive newspapers in their printed form. While Journalism.net keeps a running list of digital newspaper troves around the world, the News Archive was the first major attempt to centralize digital scans of old broadsheets in a single, searchable archive.”

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