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Stanford archives offer window into Apple’s origins

AP – “In the interview, Steve Wozniak and the late Steve Jobs recall a seminal moment in Silicon Valley history — how they named their upstart computer company some 35 years ago. “I remember driving down Highway 85,” Wozniak says. “We’re on the freeway, and Steve mentions, ‘I’ve got a name: Apple Computer.’ We kept thinking of other alternatives to that name, and we couldn’t think of anything better.”

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Apple Moves to Tighten Control of App Store

NYT – “Apple is further tightening its control of the App Store. Some application developers, including Sony, say Apple has told them they can no longer sell e-books within their apps unless the transactions go through Apple’s system. Apple rejected Sony’s iPhone application, which would have let people buy and read e-books from the Sony Reader Store. “

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Google releases Quick Search Box for Mac

CNET – “Google has released a new Mac application that lets users search both their Macs and the Web in the same window as well as launch applications.”

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Apple says no then yes to The Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana

Macworld UK – “Classic library of Project Gutenberg gets iTunes App Store green light.”

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Apple sued by wiki publisher for “baseless” legal threat

Guardian – “Apple sued by an online publisher that claims it tried to stifle free speech by demanding removal of a wiki on how to bypass iTunes software and its DRM.

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