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The end of anonymity

BBC – “Thanks to the internet, there is no such thing as anonymity. So says Dr Ari Juels, the chief scientist of RSA, the security vendor behind the world’s biggest security conference. If you think about all the digital crumbs we leave all over cyberspace, Dr Juels’s assertion is not that hard to understand.”

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Anonymous comments: Virginia Tech student paper’s Web site raising hackles

Columbus Dispatch – “A Virginia Tech advisory committee has recommended that the university cut funding to all campus media unless the student newspaper bans anonymous comments on its Web site. The University Commission on Student Affairs, mostly made up of students, decided that the way the newspaper monitors online comments is irresponsible, lacks accountability, victimizes students and misrepresents the university.”

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Stand up, say who you are

National Law Journal – "Anonymity poses a significant threat on the Internet, because it allows bloggers to promote harmful speech without bearing any significant risk of loss, thereby undermining the legal premise that those causing harm can be "held accountable." As a result, a harmed person may believe that he or she is without adequate remedy at law. But is this true? Does cyberlaw really allow defamation to fall through its cracks?"

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Douse the online flamers

Andrew Keen – “Faceless Internet sadists who ruin reputations don’t deserve full free-speech protection” (via)

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More on Anonymous Blogging

Steven Bell – “I’d like to add to the ongoing conversation about anonymous blogging, I agree that it has its place. I’ve noted that a number of faculty blogs are anonymous, and I can understand someone being concerned about their views impacting on their current job or future opportunities. However I have a problem with anonymous bloggers who use their posts to insult or criticize the work of others.”

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