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Lovin’ AL

Laura Solomon – “I’m really starting to like the Annoyed Librarian.”

Join the club Laura.

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Google Gives Up IP of Anonymous Blogger

More info on Slashdot. Is the Annoyed Librarian shaking in his/her boots? 😉 (via)

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Open Letter to the Annoyed Librarian

Dearest AL:

It seems that many of your fans are jumping up and revealing themselves as the real AL. Both you and I know that these are false allegations, which can easily be verified with a quick phone call (or anti-anxiety medication).

Don’t let the posers get to you. They do this to poke fun, distract from the real issues, and is a blatant attempt at seeking attention, typical of twopointoian personalities. Only you are the true AL. Keep on doing what you do well.

Love always,

Steven Cohen

P.S. Lunch at Internet Librarian was fun. Let’s do it again next year.

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Why Me?

Annoyed Librarian – “Why is everybody always picking on me?”

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Annoyed Librarian Celebrates

AL – “Please don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.”

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