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Long live the anonymous Annoyed Librarian

Knowbodies – “Being a professional, certified librarian, it took me about 20 minutes to figure out who the AL is – and my first thought was to publish that information here – not out of malice, since I really agree with much of what she says and find much of her writing entertaining, but to generate some traffic for my own blog. Why should a handful of celebrity bloggers hog all the attention? However, after reading some of the pompous, self-important screeds of those who rage rather than chuckle and/or reflect, I realized one commenter was probably right: Once “he” is unmasked it will be like one of the old wrestlers who aren’t so interesting anymore once they’re revealed to be a boring old bald guy. So, my lips are sealed, and long live the Annoyed Librarian.”

I think there is a little bit of the AL in all of us. 

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The Annoyed Librarian goes for World Domination

The Distant Librarian – “holy cow, now the AL has shown up as the author of every article in a “special issue” of the Journal of Access Services! (volume 5, issue 4).”

Rats.  I have to pay to read the articles (going to check some online databases next).  This is going to be great.  We need some AL in library journals.

Speaking of library journals, the Michaels have their latest transparency column up.  Looks like they are going to stick with LJ for the time being.  This is great news too. There is room for everyone, IMO.

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More from AL

Annoyed Librarian – “As you enter the brave new world of twopointopia, do they hand you the soma at the door? I’ll stick with my martinis, which, thanks to the enormous amount of money LJ is paying me now, can be made with Bombay Sapphire instead of the old Bombay Dry. They’ve even been kind enough to set up a minibar in my corner office on the thirtieth floor so I can look out on the park while I sip them. They also provided a cute bartender named Chip (Hi, Chip!) to mix them up for me. La dolce vita”

Oh, and there is some discussion on this article as well.

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AL on LJ

The Annoyed Librarian is now a paid blogger over at LJ. I think this is a great idea.

Michael Stephens and Michael Casey don’t seem to feel the same way.

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There’ll Be Some Changes Made

Annoyed Librarian – “Also, the AL will have something of a milestone next month. The AL will finally be in print.”

Also, getting paid to blog.  Very cool.  I’m a big fan of AL.  He/She deserves all the best. 

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