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N.H. State Library, The First In The Nation, Celebrates 300 Years

“New Hampshire is home to the oldest state library in the nation, and this year, it’s marking its 300th anniversary. It was founded in 1717 with just two books and a proclamation by the New Hampshire general assembly.The New Hampshire State Library has gone through plenty of changes since then. Its current home was built in 1896, located on Concord’s Park Street, next to the Statehouse.” (via New Hampshire Public Radio)

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Multnomah County Library Celebrates 150 Years

“The Multnomah County Library celebrated its 150th anniversary Saturday with birthday hats and a marching band. It’s the oldest library west of the Mississippi. Director Vailey Oehlke said the library began as private subscription collection called The Library Association of Portland. It was founded by a small group of Portland merchants, who each paid $3 to join and $12 a year to access books. “They were people whose names you would recognize: Ladd, Pittock, the names of folks who appear on our street signs. In 1864, when Abraham Lincoln was president, this community recognized that this was an important thing to have,” she said.” (via OPB)

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The [Seattle] Downtown Library at age 10: a haven for researchers

“A library is an exciting place. It’s just a quiet kind of excitement. One set of people you find feeling that excitement is the researchers who frequent Seattle’s Downtown Library. It turns out that although we’re in the digital age, a considerable amount of information is still best gotten the old-fashioned way: in print that you can physically hold. This week, the Central Library is celebrating the 10th anniversary of moving to its architecturally world-renowned digs of steel, glass and open spaces.” (via The Seattle Times)

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Ten years of supporting free knowledge

“Ten years ago today, on June 20, 2003, Jimmy Wales announced the founding of the Wikimedia Foundation. He entrusted the new nonprofit with the operation of Wikipedia, launched two and a half years prior. Wales recalled the early days of Wikipedia and marveled that it has grown to be such an important and ubiquitous source of free information for the world. “It is hard to imagine that in 2003, Wikipedia was still running on just two servers – which I used to administer myself in the beginning,” said Wales, who noted that he founded the Wikimedia Foundation because he believed Wikipedia would need the support of a stable and trusted institutional base for years to come.” (via Wikimedia blog)

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OCLC’s WebJunction Marks 10 Years of Supporting and Serving Libraries

“This month, OCLC’s WebJunction celebrates 10 years as an online learning community for library staff. On May 12, 2003, a celebration at the U.S. Library of Congress marked the launch of WebJunction.org, a new online community dedicated to sharing the knowledge and resources necessary for libraries to successfully provide public access to information.” (via WebJunction)

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