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Amazon, pre-empting Apple and Google, ups royalties

Reuters – “Amazon.com Inc will offer higher royalties on the discount books sold for its popular Kindle electronic reader in a move to boost profitability and preempt the anticipated entry of Apple Inc and Google into the e-book market.”

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The Customer Is Always Right

Newsweek – “No one has been more surprised by the success of the Kindle than Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. The electronic book reader has become the online retailer’s bestselling product. Bezos spoke to NEWSWEEK’S Daniel Lyons about the device, how the Apple tablet might affect it, and the next phase of digital distribution.”

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Amazon.com Fails to Get Judge to Reject Google Pact

Bloomberg – “U.S. District Judge Denny Chin in New York yesterday rejected Amazon.com’s argument that the settlement is “doomed from the start and fails to satisfy even the low standard for preliminary approval.” He said Amazon.com can make its arguments during a Feb. 18 hearing to determine if the agreement should be granted final approval.”

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Amazon to pay $150,000 over Kindle eating Orwell – and teen’s homework

Jacket Copy – “Amazon has agreed to pay $150,000 in a lawsuit filed by Justin Gawronski, who sued the online retailer after George Orwell’s novels “1984” and “Animal Farm” were deleted from his Kindle, along with his homework. The money, after going to the law firm representing the teen, will be donated to charity. Gawronski had already been compensated for the loss — with a $30 gift certificate.”

More here, from AP

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Amazon Sued for Kindle Deletion of Orwell

AP – “A high school student is suing Amazon.com Inc. for deleting an e-book he purchased for the Kindle reader, saying his electronic notes were bollixed, too.”

Read the complaint

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Amazon Faces a Fight Over Its E-Books

NYTimes – “Last week, Jeffrey P. Bezos, chief executive of Amazon, offered an apparently heartfelt and anguished mea culpa to customers whose digital editions of George Orwell’s “1984” were remotely deleted from their Kindle reading devices.”

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Amazon.com Acquires Lexcycle E-Book Reading Software

Bloomberg – “Amazon.com Inc., the world’s largest Internet retailer, bought a company that makes an electronic-book reading application for the iPhone and iPod Touch media player. The company, called Lexcycle Inc., announced the deal today on its blog. Amazon.com spokeswoman Cinthia Portugal confirmed the acquisition, without giving terms.”

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Amazon Filler Item Finder

OK, this is really useful – “Certain items at Amazon.com qualify for free shipping, but sometimes purchase fall short of the minimum $25 needed to recieve the free shipping. Enter the amount you need to get free shipping in the box above to see a list of products that will get you free shipping.”

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Amazon rings up shopping via text-message

Webware – “Amazon TextBuyIt is designed to let mobile device users window-shop, compare prices, and purchase products from Amazon.”

Ah, now I understand why it’s important for library catalogs to be accessible on mobile devices. ;-)

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Book Lovers Ask, What’s Seattle’s Secret?

New York Times – “TEN years ago, Nancy Pearl started a program for public libraries here that she hoped would get adults excited about literature. It was called, “If All of Seattle Read the Same Book.” Free copies of “The Sweet Hereafter,” a novel about a tragic school bus accident, were distributed to individuals and book clubs. Posters encouraged people to read the book and discuss it at library-sponsored events.”

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