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Amazon Publishing to Publish James Bond Backlist

Press Release – “Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) and Ian Fleming Publications Ltd today announced that Amazon Publishing has acquired a ten-year license for North American rights to the entire list of James Bond books by Ian Fleming in print and ebook. Along with the iconic series, Fleming’s two works of non-fiction, consisting of a collection of travel writings called Thrilling Cities (1963) and an expose of the illegal precious stones trade entitled The Diamond Smugglers (1957), are also included in the agreement. Jonny Geller, Managing Director at Curtis Brown, negotiated the agreement. All of the titles will be reissued by Amazon Publishing’s Thomas & Mercer imprint beginning in summer 2012.”

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Amazon exposed: The book behemoth is scrutinized

LA Times – “Amazon.com is big. It’s a huge online seller of everything, and in the world of publishing it looms particularly large. It’s credited with changing the way people buy books — online! and cheaper! And it also is handed the blame for the crumbling of brick-and-mortar bookstores, including the once-powerful, now-defunct national chain Borders. And Amazon often has an interesting story to tell. E-books went mainstream with the push of Amazon’s Kindle. The online bookseller’s experimentation with many aspects of digital media has led the field, including e-book sharing, e-book payment rubrics, sharing sales information directly with authors, e-book bestseller lists, and independent, Kindle-only e-book publishing.”

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Amazon announces textbook rentals for the Kindle platform

Teleread – “Amazon just issued a press release announcing the opening of their Kindle Textbooks store. Titles will be available to rent for periods from 30 days to 360 days, and students can increase the rental period in increments as small as one day, or purchase (license) the book outright at any point. The other compelling feature is that any notes or highlights will remain stored on Amazon’s servers under the customer’s Kindle account, just like other notes and highlights, so that they’ll remain accessible even after the rental expires.”

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Steamy Novels Drive E-Book Sales. No Wonder Amazon Can’t Fully Censor Them!

Bnet – “Amazon may be capriciously banning Kindle erotica, but it will want to be careful before it pisses off its main customers: sexy-book readers. According to a new study, the average e-book “power buyer” is a 44-year-old female purchasing romance/erotica books. Kick out all erotica and Amazon is virtually handing them to Barnes & Noble’s nook.”

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Amazon may soon launch film, music locker service

CNET – “Amazon has spoken with some of the major record companies and Hollywood film studios about creating a digital locker service for their film and music libraries and could announce the plans as early as next week, sources told CNET. Sources from both the film and music industries said Amazon is working on creating a cloud locker service that would enable users to store their existing music, film, and book collections, even content not purchased at Amazon, on the company’s servers.”

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Request For Amazon User Records Unconstitutional, Says ACLU

ACLU – “The American Civil Liberties Union and the ACLU of North Carolina today sent a letter to North Carolina Secretary of Revenue Kenneth Lay reiterating concern over a recent request by the state Department of Revenue (NCDOR) for the private records of Amazon.com customers. The letter informs Lay that the ACLU will take legal action on behalf of North Carolina residents who are Amazon.com customers if NCDOR persists in its demand for their constitutionally protected private information. Specifically, the letter says the ACLU and its clients will intervene in an existing lawsuit brought by Amazon.com to stop NCDOR from collecting individually identifiable information that could be linked to specific purchases made on Amazon.com.”

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Canadian booksellers want Amazon to stay out

Jacket Copy – “If it’s up to Canadian booksellers, Amazon.com will be barred from opening on-the-ground operations in the country. “Individual Canadian booksellers have traditionally played a key role in ensuring the promotion of Canadian authors and Canadian culture,” Canadian Booksellers Assn. President Stephen Cribar said Monday. “These are values that no American dot-com retailer could ever purport to understand or promote.”

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Booksellers fighting Amazon’s Canadian bid

Reuters – “Fearing an apparent assault by Amazon.com on Canadian culture, the Canadian Booksellers Association is urging the federal government to block the U.S. Internet retailer from establishing a physical presence north of the border. Amazon.com has applied to the Heritage department for permission to establish its own fulfillment business here after using Canada Post for product delivery since 2002 to serve a Canadian version of its U.S. website, Amazon.ca.”

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Authors join fight in Macmillan’s battle with Amazon

Guardian – “Writers hit by Amazon’s removal of their titles are cutting links to the online shop and calling on readers to boycott it”

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Amazon Said to Buy Touch Start-Up

NYT – “In a sign that Amazon wants to upgrade its Kindle e-reader to compete head-on with the Apple iPad, Amazon has acquired Touchco, a start-up based in New York that specializes in touch-screen technology, a person briefed on the deal said Wednesday.”

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