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The Continuous Battle

Atlas Shrugs – “Close the Leftard Libraries?”

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Daily News Picks Up “Alms For Jihad” Story and Adds More

Robert Gearty – “Hard-line Islamic books that justify violence against non-Muslim societies – including texts used as terrorist “recruiting tools” – are freely available in New York City public libraries.”

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More on Alms for Jihad

Ian Snowley – “I applaud the responsible way this debate has been conducted and especially the fact that there have been no calls for censorship. We support the concerns that library services should have “balanced” collections representing a range of viewpoints. It is a key role for professional library staff to ensure that the stock of a library service meets the needs of their local community and that a range of viewpoints is represented in their collections”. (via)

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Who is the Radical?

BBC – “Public libraries serving the densest population of Muslims in London have been inundated with extremist literature, according to a report.”

Access the report here.

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Update on Alms for Jihad

Cinnamon Stillwell – “At question is the publication of books and other writings that seek to shed light on the financing of Islamic terrorism. Increasingly, American authors who dare enter this territory are finding themselves at risk of being sued for libel in the much more plaintiff-friendly British court system in what amounts to an attempt to censor their work on an international level.” (via)

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