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E–reader disappearances put stop to Palmer library lending

“File this story under “crime in trusting small-town Alaska.” Palmer’s public library used to let patrons check out a small selection of $259 e-readers. Then, earlier this spring, a few patrons stopped returning them. Three of the library’s six book-downloading tablets have vanished. The library knows who checked out the two Kindle Fires and a Nook Color, library director Beth Skow said recently. “Now those patrons, their emails don’t work, their phones don’t work and their addresses don’t work,” Skow said. “It’s very, very sad. A few ruin it for the rest.” (via ADN.com)

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Alaska breaks ground on museum archive project

“The first few shovel-fulls dug from of the State Library Archive Museum project were placed in a box inside the State Museum. Not to preserve for posterity — though they may be — but to bid adieu to the rain outside and break ground under the warm lights and artifacts of Juneau’s and the state’s Willoughby icon.”

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