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Google Revises Trademark Policy To Allow Brand Names In More Ads

Forbes.com – “Google has revised its trademark policy to make it easier for advertisers to include brand names in the text of their ads. Until now, companies could not run ads with a trademarked brand name in the text if they did not own the trademark.”

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New Website Aims to Speed Up Legal Action

Advertising Age – A new website called Whocanisue.com that matches consumers and attorneys is launching in September with a multimillion-dollar marketing push. It’s now opening enrollment for attorneys wishing to participate.

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Sifting the data on Web audiences

International Herald Tribune – “Marketers rely on these numbers because they are skeptical about data submitted by individual Web publishers, which often seem to overstate their own audiences, at least by comparison with independent measures.” (via)

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More on Blog Ads

Rob Crumpler – “[H]ow come advertising on blogs is so dirt cheap?”

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More on Ads in Library Books

Jill Stover – “I’m not a fan of this approach at all, and I’m a marketing enthusiast!”

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