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New York Times Rolls Out Archive of Vintage Print Ads

“Vintage ads that appeared in The New York Times are getting their own digital archive that will live on the Times’ website. Called Madison in reference to Madison Avenue, the archive is expected to go live Tuesday and, at the onset, include every print ad from every edition of the Times in the 1960s. “It invites people to view an important part of our cultural history,” said Alexis Lloyd, creative director at The New York Times Research and Development Lab, which created Madison.

But the Times is inviting readers to do more than just view the ads. It’s also asking readers to help shape the archive by sifting through the ads, identifying them and even transcribing their text.” (via Advertising Age)

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Gwinnett Libraries Decide Against Bookmark Ads

“The Gwinnett County Library Board has voted against an idea to raise money by placing advertising on bookmarks. The original proposal called for businesses to pay $300 to have their advertisement or coupon printed on about 5,000 bookmarks, which would then be distributed around the communities in the county just northeast of Atlanta. Board Member Dick Goodman said the plan has been a diversion from more important issues the board needs to address.”

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Ads Possible at Library Near You

Snellville Patch – “Don’t be surprised if you soon see one of those illiterate, chicken-loving cows in your local Gwinnett Public Library branch. Advertising in libraries and business marketing initiatives are part of the GCPL’s effort to make up funding cuts by reaching out to the private sector. Phillip Saxton, chairman of the Gwinnett library system, said Monday that he hopes the library can raise at least $4 million annually through private initiatives as it seeks to become less dependent on tax revenue.”

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Get Ready for Ads in Books

WSJ – “For those who think this too radical a notion, consider the overwhelming product placement in movies, music videos and video games.”

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FTC Cracks Down on Blogger Payola, Celebrity Tweets

Ad Age – “The Federal Trade Commission is cracking down on blogger payola. The agency, which protects consumers from fraud or deceptive business practices, voted 4 to 0 to update its rules governing endorsements, and the new guidelines require bloggers to clearly disclose any “material connection” to an advertiser, including payments for an endorsement or free product.”

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Google Revises Trademark Policy To Allow Brand Names In More Ads

Forbes.com – “Google has revised its trademark policy to make it easier for advertisers to include brand names in the text of their ads. Until now, companies could not run ads with a trademarked brand name in the text if they did not own the trademark.”

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New Website Aims to Speed Up Legal Action

Advertising Age – A new website called Whocanisue.com that matches consumers and attorneys is launching in September with a multimillion-dollar marketing push. It’s now opening enrollment for attorneys wishing to participate.

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Sifting the data on Web audiences

International Herald Tribune – “Marketers rely on these numbers because they are skeptical about data submitted by individual Web publishers, which often seem to overstate their own audiences, at least by comparison with independent measures.” (via)

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More on Blog Ads

Rob Crumpler – “[H]ow come advertising on blogs is so dirt cheap?”

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More on Ads in Library Books

Jill Stover – “I’m not a fan of this approach at all, and I’m a marketing enthusiast!”

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